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Apple has said over and over that they love making products that cannibalize their own products.   It's much better to cannibalize yourself then have a competitor do it for you.
Wow. I didn't even know until this article that Surface only runs custom apps. No wonder it's tanking.   Why would you release an OS that looks identical to your desktop OS, yet has none of it's features?   Incredibly stupid movie, microsoft.
With regard to the story, it's the same smoke and mirrors every company does. Appear to be pro-consumer in the media, while behind closed doors developing proprietary standards and trying to kill competitors. Claim that the other guy isn't open enough- because you want to steal their technology while outwardly appearing to be "for the common good."   It's a load of BS, and people like Larry Page know it. Companies exist to make money, and while that principle still...
  While I agree with you in principle, yes you CAN beat someone by copying. Biggest example? Microsoft.
Obvious bad blood between facebook and twitter. Makes facebook look like jerks though.
I'm sure she/he/it (?) will make a good addition to apple. Edit: OK I'm a jerk. But that picture was a little jarring. Sorry
    Obviously not, none of us here have any idea WHY this happened... something obviously fell through the cracks... a vendor deal or whatever. We will probably never know. I'm sure apple had a good reason, but whatever the reason was, in the short term it's costing them money. Coupled with the fact that I've never seen apple do this in over 4 years of watching product launches (apple has ALWAYS had enough product to hold them over, at least to within a month or so of the...
  Patience is not the problem. Sure there are people going to be upset because they want the new iMac and it's several months away. I personally think apple shouldn't even announce it if it's not ready to go shortly after (because sales of the existing product will dry up).   But believe it or not, many people who don't read online have absolutely no idea that new iMac's are coming out... these are kind of people that wonder into an Apple store, see the cool iMac on the...
    Sorry, but you're wrong. iMac sales are still a HUGE part of apple. Not as much as laptop sales I will give you, but way more then you think.   Edit: OK, Mac sales in general are only about 10-15% of the company, and obviously iMacs are an even smaller piece. But at the size of apple, that's still multiple millions of dollars worth of product that is not getting sold.
Bout time is right. I know an apple specialist store (ehem) who has been without iMacs for about 2-3 months because apple stopped selling the old in prep for the new.   It's amazing to me how few people are talking about this. All all the history of apple product releases, I've never seen a time were you literally cannot buy a particular apple product because of a dead spot in the release chain.   Image if apple suddenly decided to stop selling iPads for a few...
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