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Yes Samsung, you will get me to switch to your phone by bashing the phone I'm currently using. Great idea! Are these people idiots or what? Now I just hate Samsung, when before I could probably have cared less either way.
Houston we've had a problem... fuel cell 1, fuel cell 3...
OMG. I had no idea Samsung had cases like that... they look IDENTICAL to apple's smart covers. Did Samsung seriously think they would get away with this? They deserve to get sued.
Breaking news! Apple competitor thinks Apple won't do so well in the future! Time to sell that Apple stock. /Sarcasm.
Lets hope the windows iCloud update fixes things. Photo Stream was pretty much useless on windows with version 1.0
NFC doesn't really wow me, and seems like more of a security risk then anything. I'd probably turn it off if my phone supported it.
Cue Captain Obvious. Hello? Capitalism's GOAL is to promote people's irrational desires. You could pick any product that exemplifies this... the iPad is just the obvious target because it's so popular.
iMessage. FaceTime. iChat. Apple seems to not want to know what the heck to call their instant messaging system. FaceTime has the marketing $, I think they should just kill everything and call it all FaceTime.
Kindle fire looks like a great product sold at the wrong price. Amazon could easily charge $300 for it and I bet it would still sell. As it is, they are shooting themselves in the foot. This won't last long, I predict a price increase next year after they sell a zillion Fires for Xmas and then realize they've tanked themselves.
Paul and kevt- really? You're SURE you didn't yank on it or twist up your cable some way? I work for an apple shop, for about 5 years now, and I've NEVER seen this happen. And we abuse our stuff pretty bad. I have a hard time believing that this kind of thing happens on it's own without the user doing something to cause it.
New Posts  All Forums: