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As others have noted, just because the graphics card is a discrete chip does not make it at all easy to replaced. I take these things apart for a living, and the iMac has had a dedicated graphics card for some years now... you still have to take out 5-6 parts before you can get to it, and it's a proprietary shape (looks like an "L" with the card fitting a blade connector and the heatsink going off at an angle, as noted in the pictures above.) The only way you're going to...
ROFL. So now apple's a fault for some application on their store, that they had nothing to do with in making? Did these people ever object when the infringing apps came out, or did they wait a while to let apple make some money from them before suing? "Let's sue apple, they have deeper pockets then XYZ minor app developer."
Inevitable. The media has found something about apple to rag on, and the BS will keep coming until apple releases an iOS patch. Personally, I don't see any of this as a big deal– at least apple isn't collecting the data (there's already proof android has been sending this kind of stuff to google for a long time now, and you don't see android users complaining.) – Nobody can see the data but you (with a special program), and possibly a person who has access to your...
Well duh. Android is more customizable then the iPhone, so the army can set it up however they want. This is not surprising at all.
Honestly, people amaze me. Everyone wanted a Verizon iPhone, and now that it's out, people are suddenly backpedaling? It's bizarre. Do people actually believe the FUD about slower speeds with verizon? (AT&T faster speeds are only in very specific parts of the country) Or is not being able to surf the net while on a call really that big a deal? Um, no. Not in the face of 2-3 dropped calls a day, which is typical for me and my AT&T iPhone. Maybe we've had to suffer...
Best Buy strategy: use an iPad ad to get people in the door, and then maybe they will buy other stuff after they figure out we were yanking their chain. Internal memo basically says they knew they wouldn't have enough stock, yet they ran the ad anyway. Misleading, but typical of Best Buy. And I bet their sales for that day spiked regardless of not having any iPads.
Apple TV as the ix device would seem strange, unless apple is going to sell a touch-based TV to go with it (which i don't thinking anybody would want). And i doubt it's a mac because iOS apps are designed for a touch-interface. How about the iPhone mini? Or the iMac patent with the touch panel you can adjust? Very interesting.
The "windows everywhere" strategy is laughable. I'd be pretty pissed off if I was a MS shareholder, this is exactly the same kind of poor thinking that caused windows for tablets/phones to fail up to this point. Now it looks like they're pulling out again, as if they don't know what else to do. Microsoft needs the balls to scrap windows and start over. Windows is no longer a quality product brand– for most people it stands for viruses and spyware, everything people are...
Translation: we've patched the 4.3.1 jailbreak exploit and are rushing out an update.
Those of you debating if apple knows how to count or not are hilarious Um, I think it's pretty certain apple knows how much storage space they need to do whatever they're planning to do
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