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I need a 12 petabye hard drive. Then I could download and store every movie ever made. Sweet.
ROFL. Dell thinks it's the 80s where there was a clear cost preference towards windows vs the Mac OS. Now apple has the dominant mobile OS, with maybe one (weak) competitor (android) ... nobody else really comes close. So now the windows clone hardware manufacturers don't know what to do. They can't build anything that holds iOS, so they're stuck with 3rd rate alternatives (android again). Of course they are going to backtalk apple- they are probably shitting in their...
Hurrah to apple for trying, but I don't think they're going to win this one. They should have picked a more unique name.
And add native NTFS read/write support. Common.
Netflix is pretty good, but as soon as someone can bring to market an instant streaming service with more current/popular releases, they will get killed. It's really annoying how much isn't on streaming. But nobody else is any better, so meh.
Agreed. This is just silly, the two apples look nothing like each other.
Honestly I think the biggest improvement direction apple should go in is in rounding out the feature set of iOS. It needs a true shared file system area so apps can share information, even if it's remote on apple's servers. Also, it takes way too many taps or swipes to do basic functions like turn wifi off or change app settings. I also wish apple would implement a coverflow-like system for basic function changes (swipe to a corner or use a special kind of swipe to change...
Cool. So now your can convert your existing flash stuff and switch to HTML5 full-time. Thanks adobe!
Sorry to say they haven't invented a material yet that can prevent dumb people from dropping their macbooks on the floor.
Nope. Lion is 10.7. Apple still has 10.8 and 10.9 to play with.
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