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Apple did it all wrong. Lion is supposed to come before Tiger. But at least now we can look forward to Mac OS X 10.8 Bear. Followed by a shout of "Oh My."
Microsoft is my hero? Boy the times, they are a-chang'in.
Pictures, or it didn't happen.
Please don't make this god-awful, "take my ball and go home" argument, it's just dumb and makes the person that says it look bad. Like like you're just too damn uppity (read:lazy) to provide a coherent opinion of your own.Obviously if there is an issue then is an issue. If things were perfect the way they were, then they wouldn't have posted an article and we wouldn't be discussing it in a forum. The whole reason it exists is BECAUSE the two sides don't see eye to eye, so...
This made me laugh. Oh yea, lets go sue apple, that will change them! News flash dude– no it won't. Apple pretty much does whatever they want, and if you've really been around for 25 years then you would know that already. It's just the way apple works. They have their opinion about what users want, and they don't really care about the people who don't want it that way. (Want to complain about flash? apple isn't listening. iPhone not working? "You're holding it wrong."...
I feel betrayed. Apple was going to give me my own private newspaper app and pay me 30% of the the reoccurring ad revenue. Now some crazy people in Europe get it instead.
Can't we all just get along? Users want magazines on ipad, magazine publishers want it, apple wants it. So what is the big problem with this? And why does the rate have to be fixed at 30% for such services? Apple's going to get HUGE re-occuring income from app subscriptions, why can't they relax their rates so they don't scare off the content providers? Seems really short sighted to me.
This is besides the point. The App Store is the only way to get an app onto apple's iOS devices. If you could buy an app from a 3rd party and put it on your iOS device then it wouldn't effect apple... they wouldn't have store it, market for it, etc. But you cannot install anything other then App Store apps on iOS. So by definition, EVERYTHING goes through apple, even if apple has nothing to do with it (eg the Sony store). Besides, if you make your app free then why is the...
PR gobblygook. Obviously an app that is referencing a competing store is not going to also sell the same product on apple's iBookstore, it defeats the purpose. In other words "don't sell stuff outside of our store", which is what we knew from the beginning.
Cool, thanks. I didn't know about the mywireless app
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