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You are talking about two different things. A person doesn't pull up their phone and say "gee, I think I'll request DHCP renewal." So WHO is actually consuming data in this case? The user, or the phone itself? If the phone is made to request more data then normal in idle state, is that the fault of the user, or the phone?So what should the user be responsible in paying for? If my deliberate attempt is to make my phone not communicate any data (which is what the testers...
Awesome. I've always suspected carriers were doing this behind the scenes. It's an obvious way to make extra money– most people don't understand the technology and will simply pay the bill, whatever it is. That's why there are no apps or easy way to track how much data you are using– they are hoping you will spend more then you think you will. And if you don't, why not tack on a bit extra, since nobody will know any better? Unless you are smart like plaintiffs in this...
This reeks of the same stuff back in the 80s when Microsoft tied IE to the operating system. Now iBookstore is tied to iOS and damn you if you want to use something else. This is a terrible move. If apple doesn't want to allow competing stores I don't necessarily see a problem with that, but at the very least you should be able to make an app that lets you view content from other stores. Killing off the kindle app or sony will just force people who bought books on those...
Oh geez. It was a joke, I laughed, so lighten up
And I care what Netgear's CEO thinks about apple why exactly? I didn't even know his name until this article.
I don't buy it. I haven't seen a case for the current iPad that has a hole for the SD card, so why would new case makers start doing that now? Obviously everyone wants the skinny on the new iPad but I'm of the opinion at the moment that everyone is clueless. Those cases could be for earlier editions of the product, or even early additions of the original iPad. And even if they are correct, exactly WHAT does a hole in a case tell you? Next to nothing.
What good is faster speeds if you can't get a connection? Marketing FUD. AT&T is only faster in certain markets, and under ideal conditions. Stick it in a demanding market and it crashes to EDGE speeds (example: my iPhone ALWAYS craps out strolling around the Magic Kingdom, when I need it to work the most)
Maybe not right away, but I predict by the end of the year, AT&T will get crushed. As soon as my AT&T contract is up or I'm able to sell it off, I'm going to replace my iPhone with a Verizon version. And I don't think I'm alone.
I hope Microsoft and the other big players rebel, maybe that will wake apple up. The lack of trial versions is one of the largest functionality holes in the iOS app store, and now that flaw has been ported to the mac. It's not like apple can't fix this– all they need to do is provide an API that lets apps reference back to the app store when people want to upgrade their trial to a full version. Hopefully once Lion rolls around we'll see this, otherwise I'm going to still...
So now we can play with our ads like we play with our food. But that still doesn't mean we want to eat our green beans. In other words, I'm not convinced more interactivity directly translate to more sales. I actually avoid tapping on ads even more now since I know they will take over my whole phone once activated. All the interactivity proves is that you have a really motivated customer. But I think less people will tap on ads now.
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