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    ... which is why all the carriers are slapping on unnecessary texting plans if people want more data.   Text messages are irrelevant in the iPhone age, when I can choose from 5-6 good apps that all allow messaging for free (including iMessage).   Texts are data. They are not special. We should not pay for them if we are already paying for data.
Balmer is an idiot and is 99% of the reason why MS stock hasn't grown at all in the last 10 years.
I work at an Apple Specialist and the design of these things must be unbelievable. They shrunk every major component by an insane amount - power supply, fans, heat sinks... all must be positively micro to fit in a unit this size. It's a wonder this unit doesn't melt the instant you turn it on. Very impressive job, Apple.
  Just like the 15" price point is too high.   Retina is awesome but its not something that most people can afford, at least right now.   I would say more people will now be debating over a 13" Retina vs a regular 15", rather then upgrading from a regular 13".
Sorry, but you guys have it wrong. I want the new MacBoom Pro!             BOOM shakalaka!
Jimi would be pleased to see all the purple haze in our eyes :-)   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purple_Haze  :: for the uncultured out there
IMHO apple is wrong with this. "app store" is the easiest way to describe a store that sells applications, and therefore not exclusive to apple. Apple may have popularized the phrase, but that doesn't mean it isn't obvious. The "windows" argument doesn't make sense IMHO, because "window" is a metaphor for an on-screen element, not an obvious description of what it is. Windows on a computer look nothing like windows in the real world. You could just as easily call them...
If you can get an Apple TV 2 the ideal setup is to jailbreak it, install aTV black, and get a home media server like a Synology. I store all my content on the Synology and everything streams to the Apple TV via AFP.   Why Apple TV 2? Because ATV 3 can't get an untethered jailbreak yet.
You can add apps to Apple TV right now. It's called iOS Airplay screen sharing ;-)   Some people might think it's dull that you buy an iPhone just to get more out of your apple tv, but trust me it's worth it.
Obviously the information being wrong on maps is worrisome. But I find the overall experience in maps MUCH better– faster movement, clear updating, turn by turn, etc. This is growing pains, guys. I have no doubt apple will start to fill in the blanks and fix the issues going forward. Here are a couple of suggestions for people frustrated with Maps: (1) Get the free app AroundMe. They still use google for their location data, and it takes one tap to have the location you...
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