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Maybe for mice. But keyboards (in some form) will always exist. Language access is essential for any type of computing device. And I don't think voice recognition is going to be taking over any time soon.
It fits. Apple enjoys releasing mice that do nearly everything except the the one thing they are supposed to do– fit your hand and make it easy to control a cursor on the screen
Because apple doesn't want to treat their customers like garbage? Sorry, but I don't want to be apple's free beta tester. I want a finished product that actually works. IMHO google's releases fail (wave anyone?) because they don't bother to get it right at the beginning, BEFORE they release it to the world.
Aka they are saving them for iPad 2. Or they will release them when the release the iOS that goes along with iPad 2 for iPad 1.
CR trolling apple is getting old. CR released their video against iPhone 4 without scientific evidence, probably because they knew they would get a lot of eyeballs from poor sods who didn't know any better. Now with this report, their intentions are quite clear. They only want eyeballs, and controversy is the best way to drum those eyeballs up. Too bad, I really used to like CR, but this kind of reporting really strains my perseption of them as a quality resource for...
The FUD around WebM is completely ridiculous. WebM is NOT "open", it's based on technologies that DO have patents. Of course, google doesn't want you to know that fact. All the patent holders need to do is flip a switch and WebM is suddenly patent-encumbered just as badly as H.264. The only argument left is pure quality of the codec, of which WebM is completely inferior to H.264, AND there is way more H.264 video out there due to apple's push for HTML5. Which brings...
ROFL! Google = morons. Not much more I can say about that.
Are they serious? No early upgrade pricing? WTF. This will piss a lot of Verizon customers off who wanted to get an iPhone but now can't unless they want to pay full price for it. Even AT&T got that part right.
Within a year, apple is going to lock out all software that doesn't use the app store, mark my words. You will pay apple 30% of your revenue or you won't have your app on the Mac.
Honestly, I think all microsoft does all day is look for other people's stuff to copy. Childish. Microsoft, why not try inventing some new stuff a change instead of leeching off everyone else?
New Posts  All Forums: