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Sorry guys, I patented the "Method of Removing Waste From a Toilet By Means of a Lever" back in '76. Pay up for all your bathroom runs.
Oh great, so now I can get dizzy and fall down every time I try to pick a new album.
Bogus and shortsighted. There are tons of verizon customers who won't even consider the iPhone since it's not on verizon. iPhone on verizon means a boatload of phone upgrades, not just AT&T hold-outs.
Print out books you buy on the store? Pretty surprised book authors allowed this.
Honestly. Verizon iPhone is the new Duke Nukem Forever.
lol. Android wishful thinking. The article already said he wants to focus on mac and iOS games.
NO. I do not pay a higher rate if I download more then the average guy using my regular computer internet access, therefore I should not pay a higher rate on a phone. The fact that it's a phone and not a computer is irrelevant. Internet is internet. Sorry network companies. I do not care that your network sucks and can't do what I want it to do. I am going to be annoyed until I can download whatever the hell I want for one rate. If that rate needs to be higher, ok. But I...
I have zero sympathy for carriers and their networks. Phones have been headed in this direction for a long time. The fact that iPhone users are using more data has nothing to do with apple, and everything to do with what people really want to be doing on their phones, but couldn't up to this point because the average phone has sucked. I know that after I got my iphone I was like "finally! somebody got it right." The only bottleneck has been networks, who seem to think...
And I should care, why? "Open" only matters if you have 20 different devices. I have an iPad. I buy books on my iPad. How is google's store "helping" me? Because google can rip off more publishers and make more stuff available for free, when they haven't done any of the work to produce any of it? No thank you. Google is doing this solely because apple has done it. "Look, we have eBooks too!" Again, the point about microsoft is not far off. Google has no right to enter any...
Epic fail. Lack of demos is one of the major problems with the iOS app store. It is way too easy to screw yourself by buying an app then you later find out it sucks. This isn't so much of a problem b/c iOS apps are cheap. But what about $20+ mac apps? Nobody is going to pay for any kind of expensive app without being able to download and try them out first. You'd have to be an idiot to do that. If apple carries this retarded practice over to the mac app store, then...
New Posts  All Forums: