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iBooks on the iPad can read ePub or PDF format, so I don't see why that's an issue. There's also a Kindle app for iPad if that is an issue. iBookstore flaws aside (ePub+DRM format that can only be read on iPad), the iPad is still the most flexible device. I would say the problem is more with whatever author is making your technical books, and what format they choose to sell their books in. DRM sucks regardless of what platform or device you are talking about.
lol. "I lost everything and I need someone to blame. Lets blame a big company, they usually settle for lots of $$$!"
Who goes back to their computer to read the book they purchased on the iPad? Google is hoping their FUD against apple being "closed" is going to pay off. "Oh Noes you can't read your book on XXX obscure device!" Like users actually care about that?
Agreed, most people are using apps for their internet services. Correct smartphone comparison: amount of data used per month.
This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Windows Phone 7, it will soon see the end of Microsoft.
I don't know how any of these companies can afford to offer discounts this deep. Resellers only make about $70 to $120 on for example iMacs, which means pretty much everyone is selling them at a loss.
Stupid. What is the point of faster speeds if your connection keeps dropping? AT&T needs to show that they are fixing their coverage problems, not that in 1% of cases they have faster network.
Next time try demoing a comparison of a released product against a released product. Fail.
Looks like China is upset that they can't create knockoffs of the iPhone, like they do with every other product.
The typical customer does not take care of the stuff they buy, and instead blames any fault on the manufacturer, even if it's user error. Technology can not make people tell the truth.
New Posts  All Forums: