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This sounds awesome, anything to get parents to actually pay attention to what their kids do online or on their phones.
Honestly I wish MS would go back to just writing software. Why doesn't MS make some quality software for iPad/Android? Is Balmer really that pigheaded to believe MS can come back when they are already this far behind?
Wow... MS must be pretty desperate if they seriously need mac users to save their WP7 platform. People buy macs to get AWAY from windows, why should any of us go back, especially when we have a better option (iPhone)?
Microsoft punts, and the placekicker fumbles the ball. Fail. On the bright side, adobe sucks as much today as microsoft ever did. They are a perfect fit for each other. BTW, only microsoft would consider buying another huge company to try to save themselves from irrelevance.
Redmond, start your photocopiers. Or, you could start make a crappier version 3 years too late. That's ok with us, too.
Cry me a river, networks. These are the same people that want to charge $40 for a TV season box set, when all of those episodes were already broadcast on TV for nothing more then your monthly subscription. My stargate box sets are about 18 episodes, so at $40 a pop networks are making a little more then $2 per episode. Times that by a whole run of a series (the only reason to buy sets of a series you like), for 10 seasons networks are making approx $400. That's an...
This is why I went ahead and bought an iPhone 4. There is no real guarantee a verizon iPhone will materialize.... apple might even be openly antagonistic to verizon since verizon is largely the reason Android is even a threat. However I still think even if apple screwed up by not coming to terms with verizon early (thereby opening a hole for android), verizon is still shooting themselves in the foot to not open iPhone to their network. Unless they make less money with...
Wow. Look at all the iPhoto duplication. Way to be innovative Adobe!
63% of people will stay because they don't want to pay an ETF. Remove the ETF and that number goes down to 20-30%. How do I know? Look at all the iPhone people unsatisfied with AT&T. People are not staying because they like AT&T, they are staying because they have no choice.
Apple Job Ad: "Seeking representatives from the memetic poly-alloy family. We require your expertise in forming knives and stabbing weapons. It is not necessary that you be able to form complex machines or moving parts, only that you be able to mold a trap around any iPhone 5 user that attempts to jailbreak our device while we dispatch the ninjas."
New Posts  All Forums: