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  Tallest... this is from the main page (with the new theme) aka appleinsider.com.   I guess the ampersand is thought to be injected code? The home page does not have a toolbar for adding rich text, why not just interpret everything as plain text?
I don't know why AT ... edit. AI comment system doesn't seem to want to post the rest of what I said. Nice. Not typing it up again, sorry.
AI's new design hurts my eyes.
I'm confused as to how Amazon can offer LTE access for $50 per year. Is some carrier taking a huge pay cut? Why would any carrier allow Amazon to do this, when they are getting way more money with Apple?   Unless once again, Amazon is selling things at a loss...
  Agreed. The app store suffers from too many apps, making it difficult to find any one app that does the complete job.   I honestly think apple encourages this behavior. It's more profitable to get people to buy 3-4 apps because each one has a missing feature or two, rather then encourage or promote any one "best" app.
Just for the hell of it, here's my take.   iPhone - it's a new product iPhone 3G - ooh 3G speeds! No iPhone 2, because the focus was the 3G network, *not* that it was a 3rd generation iphone. iPhone 3GS - looks like the 3G, but faster. Not really a "4" yet. iPhone 4 - new design, needs a new number to highlight it as "new". We were used to 3, and 4 comes after 3, so 4. iPhone 4S - looks like a 4, but faster. Incremental upgrade, similar to 3G to 3GS. "S"...
I think it will be called iPhone 9 because I'm an idiot and like debating pointless facts.   Keep posting guys, you are my entertainment for today. 
This thread is honestly hilarious.   Obviously it's going to be called iPhone 5, or they wouldn't have put a "5" in the advert. Unless you think in Apple's world 5=6 ? Or 5 means iPhone Super Awesome Edition?   Do you people honestly have nothing better to do with your time then bicker about something THAT trivial?   If I was Apple, I'd be laughing my ass off. You guys trolled yourselves.
    And licenses should be transferrable under first use doctrine. I own a licensed copy, even if I don't own the song.   Apple should not be able to stop me from giving my license to someone else, otherwise they are breaking first use doctrine. Whether that is illegal or not is up to the courts to decide.   I have read further that in some cases, first sale doctrine does not apply to licenses. IMHO that's BS. A license to me is something tangible, like a contract or a...
Back when we bought physical CDs, the labels didn't care as much because there was no easy way to pull the songs off the CD and distribute them to people who hadn't bought them. The internet made it possible to mass-copy the value of a CD, thus depriving labels of their $$$. Thus the "you license it, you don't own it" position they are taking.   However, you still have a basic right to sell/give your CD or other physical product to somebody else (your children or...
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