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I'm not sure if it's Apple's fault, but somebody should be responsible for this. I hope he succeeds.
All I want for the App Store is a "apps similar to this" feature that actually works. God knows search sucks, when you do things like search for "instant message" as an example it will only return results that have instant message in the name title, which is completely stupid.
lol @ Samsung thrashing and crybaby response. They should just move on instead of continuing to make an ass of themselves.
  By definition if I'm your competitor, then I must have released similar product(s). Competition wouldn't exist if companies didn't copy each other.   All the original poster is saying is that many companies wait for Apple to act before doing it themselves.
Less stress on the network I guess, but otherwise seems like a non-event.
As much as I laugh at the typical Gizmodo hawking of confidential Apple secrets, this is a pretty cool read.   So... to become awesome at customer service, you understand people and psychology, and you employ means of making interactions positive and memorable.   "Crash" does not make people feel good about the experience, so ban it. Wipe it out and replace it with stuff that actually helps.   Maybe I'm the only one, but I don't think of these kinds of things...
  Sounds like Duckspeak to me. All hail Ingsoc!
Cue the Apple Linch Mob...   (I jest, but I imagine there's going to be some really upset people over this story. Hopefully they dont do anything stupid.)
Copying is not infringement? What is this lawyer BS?   Maybe copying something OTHER then what is patented is not infringement. But if you are going to infringe, then YOU HAVE TO COPY THE INFRINGED DESIGN. Does Samsung seriously not understand this?   Chewbacca Defense, here we come.
  Most people who buy technology are not extremely intelligent. The fact you are here at a technology website reading detailed apple news shows you're probably a bit smarter then 99% of the population.   If I go into a store looking for "that tablet thing everyone is talking about" (ie iPad) and I come upon a rectangular looking device with black boarders and little icons over the screen in the same shape and pattern as the iPad, for most people, that's enough to confuse...
New Posts  All Forums: