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It seems pretty awesome? hilarious? etc that all these documents apple is putting forth in the trial are internal Samsung documents.   Samsung must enjoy crucifying themselves?
If this isn't a smoking gun, I don't know what is. The copying is obvious.
  Destruct sequence Alpha-One. 15 minutes, silent countdown. Enable.
"Noah Voson"   There. I just got access to all your data    Edit: since nobody seemed to get this reference (shame on you!), it's from Bourne Ultimatum.
Maybe I'm hard-headed, but can someone explain to me how this trial is supposed to work?   I thought it was supposed to be: Apple: "you're infringing" Samsung: "this is why we're not infringing"   not: Apple: "you're infringing" Samsung: "apple you have no claim because stuff completely unrelated to our actions makes your patents invalid"   It seems like Samsung is the bad child who when accused of breaking a cookie jar, tries to tell his parents that...
This is a pretty obvious (and pathetic) attempt by Samsung to try to sidestep the court by appealing to the general public and starting a controversy, hoping the court will cave in to outside pressure.   If the court ordered it excluded, then it's excluded. Samsung might disagree, but then then they should appeal, not do something the court specifically told them not to do.
I'm amazed that this list doesn't include Walt Disney.
Bigger news is that if Safari on Windows is dead, does that mean iCloud bookmark sync is dead?
  And lord knows people cannot fail to bitch about the silliest things.
Excellent. Now remove free software from the "purchases" list. I don't want to see or be offered to re-download crapware I already deleted.
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