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Did apple ever claim in media or in print that Samsung copied the iPad?   Why wouldn't they just pay a fine or something if the judge felt they were wrong?   Forcing them to advertise for a competitor is a malicious ruling, plain and simple. I have lost respect for the UK judicial system if this kind of thing is allowed.
Without giving away too much I will say pumping people up with Applecare is a big focus for apple.   I have pretty reliable evidence that newer macs have more average part failures then macs from say 4-5 years ago. If I was a theorist, I'd say this is an attempt to get people to buy more applecare.
AT&T: "It's an added feature" Me: "I paid for my bandwidth, stop telling me how to use it."
Yay for "free acces"!
Epic fail there Apple. It was pretty obvious they were going to have to rethink this, rather then lose all government sales. Someone seriously dropped the ball.
This is nothing more or less then for example a company contacting a website to demand they pull down infringing IP. Apple is well within their rights to make these demands.
Launch nuclear bombs with a single tap?   There's an app for that.
This smells of apple taking their ball and going home. Makes no sense otherwise. Why would they pull EPEAT from old products? A vote of no-confidence in EPEAT? A political move?   The speed of San Fran's response is pretty startling. And the fact this will have a domino effect killing all government Mac sales is very bad news.   I find it hard to believe apple could have screwed up this badly. They must have a VERY strong internal reason for doing this. The 64K...
Just die already, Best Buy. DIE.   Best Buy re-focusing their stores around customer service has got to be the funniest thing I've ever heard. It would be easier to get a camel to fly Mach 2.
Thank god. Searching the app store trying to find good apps is getting to be a nightmare. Any improvement in this area would be hugely welcome.   I really wish apple would implement a system like amazon's, where you see a "Customers also bought.." or "Similar to this app" list of apps. Many times you end up buying a sub-par app by mistake because you don't know the better apps out there in the same category.
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