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Not having 3D graphics on the 4 may be understandable (horsepower)? But lack of turn by turn is BS. There's no technical reason why the 4 can't do it, heck I do it right now with Waze.   This is just typical apple to screw over older devices for no reason.
I never "got" Schiller. To me, he just looks like a dork on stage. I mean, look at that picture. He's always got this lame, half-assed grin. It's weird.   I'm sure some people like him, but there's just something about the way he acts that I don't trust.   Steve had confidence and certainty. He had command. I never got that from Schiller.
"Hello Go Go." (Sounds like Hello Moto? You get the idea...)
Just another reason to not download apps from the App Store.   App Store is for mom-and-pop angry birds apps, not real applications.   Welcome to the nerfing of Mac OS X. Pretty soon there will be no file system and no multitasking. All in the grounds of "safer" computing.   Bet you by 10.9 they will no longer allow you to install apps unless they are from the App Store.
Probably a bug. They wanted to censor "jailbreak" from apps, but ended up censoring it everywhere.
  In apple's defense, without the dummy corporation, everyone in the world would not only have known apple was building a tablet, but what the tablet was called. So the dummy corp protected them from losing value in the name before they had even launched a product.   IMHO the value of the mark is the value of the mark, it should not depend on who owns it and if they have deep pockets or not. "Oh it's Apple that wants it? That will be $100 bajillion dollars, please."
Google, start your photocopiers.
iCloud's limitations will disappear when Mountain Lion launches- you'll be able to save documents directly to the cloud.
      This is NOT true. Unless you install some extra software, the Mac partition is READ-ONLY when running windows from bootcamp. So even if windows becomes hosed from downloading a virus, there is no possible way your Mac can become infected.   The only way I can think of that you can even actually infect a windows machine is if you download something on your mac that has a virus with it, and then you send it along to someone else via email or whatever. Which is...
lol @ "please don't infect our windows machines with your mac!"   No, actually I think I'll keep my mac infected... that way more windows machines will crash. I love the sound of windows crashing in the morning. 
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