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This "analyst" is an idiot and has absolutely no idea what apple is about. Apple doesn't give people what they want. Apple makes something new and amazing and lets everybody realize they want it. The iPad "mini" has almost zero marketable value. Why would I want a smaller, crappier iPad? The only way that would work is if apple could somehow drastically drop the price, simultaneously killing the iPad premium brand. Apple will never, I repeat NEVER do that. They have...
Excuse me for being insensitive, but we're all screwed eventually anyway. Eat, drink and be merry...
Well then you have had better luck then me. Apple has never refunded me for any app purchase. Not one.
Apple has found the value in the cheap-but-hard-to-return application. For example there's probably dozens of apps I bought on the app store I no longer use and would like to return, but its next to impossible to do so. Apple does have a support method to do it, and I used it, with no reply at all to the request. Like they even bother to read requests at all? Its much more profitable to sucker lots of people into buying things cheap then make a really quality app that...
Wow aussie government really seems to hate apple lol.
I honestly don't get this at all. Book prices should be fixed by the publisher, just like software prices. If you charge less then the publisher should be able to pull your distributor license. It serves a publisher no good to have distributors fighting each other over price (just devalues their IP as companies try to undercut each other.) What exactly is the government accusing apple of? Apple came up with a better model then Amazon, publishers agreed, and now publishers...
It will be nice when this happens. The Kaspersky removal tool that was just released and is exploding all over the web doesn't work at all– just gives an error that the tool needs to be updated and some failed rm command.
Does anyone else other then me think the growing clone the Mac is becoming of iOS is not particularly a good thing? iOS people are taking over the company... I'm not saying integration and common ideas are a bad thing between apple devices, just that some ideas that work great for touch are not particularly useful on a desktop OS.
I can't stand Best Buy, their BS sales tactics nor their insanely high prices. Let them crash and die, the world would be a better place.
Honestly I think it's a load of crap suing someone for abuse of IP a whole 8 years after the fact. Even if the IP is valid, this guy is obviously coming out of the woodwork now because Apple/Sony are successful, not because he is trying to protect anything. IMHO if you don't sue within the first 2-3 years of someone ripping off your IP, then you deserve to lose it.
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