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Funniest lawsuit ever. Seriously, what do they want apple to do? Put a sign out front that says "please don't slam your face into our glass walls?" Honestly.
Microsoft has to prevent it's own employees from jumping ship. Hilarious.
+1 Apple, -50 carriers Carriers not ready for data consumption over 4G? Big surprise there. They've been been behind on the curve of almost every technological innovation in the mobile space for years now. If it weren't for apple constantly pushing them, we'd still be at 2G speeds today. Honestly I have NO sympathy for them– they made a high speed network... if they don't want people using it, then they shouldn't have built it in the first place.
This is no different that apps that are rejected from the app store for some reason or another. It's been pretty well established up to this point that apple censors content on it's stores. The fact that this is written content, verses other types of content (AKA code), is irrelevant. If the apple gods don't like your content, kiss your spot in their store goodbye. It sucks, but this is the way apple does things, and I seriously doubt it's ever going to change.
As people have said – Steve: "We won't ship junk." IE apple does not care about the low end markets. Let Android have them, no big deal. It will just re-enforce the perspective that Android is generic and iOS is premium. (I'm not saying that's a fact, but over time, this works out worse for Android in terms of quality of brand then it does for apple)
(Expletive) Motorola.
The interesting thing about this is, what happens after apple reaches 10.9? "X" was supposed to mean "10". If you call the operating system "OS X", then it no longer means 10, the X is part of the name. Otherwise you kill your marketing by having to rename the OS again. This seems like an intent to keep on going with OS X regardless. Like OS X version 12.3. Firefox version updates anyone?
So basically the mac is dead, and iOS is now the focus of the company. Not surprising, considering all the feature movement focus from iOS to the mac. I wish however apple would not forget that the interface on the desktop is not the same as a touch based interface. Until the mac ships with a touch screen, it's still a traditional computer.
Personally, I find it kind of ridiculous that other people copy apple's designs, then fault apple for not making things more "open" or giving them a "fair playing ground" or whatever. Take the "tablet industry". One way to say things is to say apple invented it. Another way to say it is apple invented a product, called an iPad, which now hundreds of companies want to copy... creating a tablet "industry". Apple would be just as happy if there wasn't any industry. In other...
Agreed. I've long since stopped browsing the App Store because it's an extremely poor way of finding quality apps. Apple needs better tools to help users sift through all the crap and find the stuff that's not made by a 4th grader in a garage.Either that, or start adding some intelligence to the results. Like Amazon does. I shop amazon a lot more then other stores.. one reason is because their recommendation system is genuinely helpful.
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