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I think you are right about this TBQH!!!
Apple, Google, Facebook and MSFT and other tech firms need to use their seemingly unlimited funds to further the campaigns of those politicians who want to protect user data from government overreach. I don't know why people think back doors to private information will stop terror attacks. It just means the general populace has less freedom and the terrorists have accomplished their mission....proving yet again the US is a fraud.
Translation: "Apple is not going to waste time building something no one wants." That's revenue not units. iPad costs about half to less than half of what a Mac does on average. Macs run people about $1400. iPads cost around $600.  
Yes lets have Apple stop mac improvements. Where will people get their apps from? 
I don't agree witth this in theory. I don't think most users care if they "own" the app or not. They just care they can do what they need to with the app. That's all they should care about honestly. I don't think you will get people to pay for an upgrade if what they have works fine. I also think the old model of software sales where you buy a product and use it until it drops is that users don't get the best experience possible. Subscriptions are the future of software...
its the worlds most valuable company even under conservative estimates. I dont see why thats a failure. And thats a terrible article. It didnt actually make a point... It just said Tim Cook isnt as exciting to Wall Street because he didnt found Apple. WTF did I just read?
I prefer the paid subscription model for apps. Why should I pay for something Im not using? And more importantly pay it all upfront... It makes no sense. There is no incentive for the company to improve their app and fix bugs after the initial purchase. There is no incentive for the user to keep paying once they have a version of the product. Theyll be using it well after the shelf life has expired and the software company releases new versions that dont get sold enough...
zbush already exists for the iPad. Lmao!!!
you are very right here. We dont know what people will do with this tech.
i prefer silver but every store was sold out of them. I got lucky and decided to check all stores in manhattan and found one while getting my hair cut. Now they are sold out of all models in 128gig.
New Posts  All Forums: