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Maybe a work horse tablet isn't the future. I mean iPad crashes a lot even doing the small stuff let alone under the full weight of a full app. If I want a "work horse" machine, I'll get a mac. An iPad with a keyboard costs the same as an MacBook Air and maybe its even more expensive. Most people don't actually need a work horse machine. For most people work horse means they can type on a keyboard. You can do that now. Sure you can't do photoshop but then you get a more...
Basically, Apple was waiting until iPad sales stalled to do a real iPad upgrade
Ha! Well Apple knows an iPad is closer to a computer than a phone so the upgrade cycle won't be every 2 years or every year like the phone. It arguably will compete with a mac in terms of upgrade cycle.
You know what they say in Texas... the bigger the phone, the smaller the penis.
You have to know when to tune him out. He talks crazy pretty regularly. Apple is as liberal as a company can get. The problem is there isn't a major tech company that isn't less liberal than Apple that makes good products. Innovation requires science. Conservatives don't believe in that if it contradicts their religious views. 
I'm hoping that you also choke to death on the puke.
nice try but no one trolls better than me. This is a weak troll at best.
Ohh WOW! I'm stunned. 
I knew this was coming. I'm going to email him about Safari's lack of Web Components support. 
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