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Give me Touch ID and 2G ram and NFC on some level and and and.... I'll be mostly set.
that is acceptable to me.
Right but thats altering someones personal device. That presents all kinds of legal challenges from another countries perspective. If Brazil doesnt want to participate in the internet, thats fine but that doesnt mean others shouldnt be allowed to. Again too much big government. Im a big government liberal but this imo is court overreach...They could make apple or msft wipe everyones computer of information they dont want people to have...like all that American IP Brazil...
i was all set to disagree with you but your logic is solid. However I think this ruling is wrong. There is no way you can take peoples bought and paid for apps away from them after they've paid for it. Thats stealing...especially if its an american going into brazil. The judge needs to get some better tech advice because while possible they could be inducing Apple to break all kinds of laws elsewhere in the world. Being anonymous on the internet is an assumed risk. Brazil...
that means apple would have to disable the app everywhere based on every countrys whims and laws. Apple is now required to wipe apps based on what country youre in at any given time....hunh? Ummm how about Apple doesnt have the authority to do that. Thats called being on the internet. Its possible some people might be bullys oh well... PC gone wrong.
Even macrumors debunked this already simply but (GASP!) reading the information in the picture that states this is related to DDR and NAND FM. LMAO!   MacRumors: "The schematic's references DDR and NAND suggests that it more likely refers to some aspect of the device's flash memory rather than DRAM included within the A8 chip."
Not being able to find or make qualified employees is a failure of leadership. You cant blame anyone else for that other than yourself.If you cant find exactly what you consider qualified why not hire the most qualified person that is available to you who wants a shot. Sometimes you have to develop people who have potential... Oh wait that takes leadership nevermind.Too many companies want ready made people but people who are already qualified for the job may want to grow...
No business is going to hire you for a job you are totally unqualified for.
Don't explode people! The black woman has worked at apple for over a decade.   http://www.linkedin.com/in/soprano
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