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I guess investors want to make money, who knew?
Amazon needs to start making money. It's been 15 years already. One can't sell everything at cost and make money. 
Great I always wanted to have a war with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Syria, Egypt, and Libya all at the same time. Lets show the world our military might and pound our chests as Republicans would like. I don't agree with everything Democrats/Obama Admin does but lets be clear the options are never going to be ideal between the available options in the US. You are always in a pick the best of the worst type of situation. 
Ask OJ. 
Please try and come up with a proper counter argument. Reserve your low level trolling for PCWorld. You can keep your snobbery in the UK. It doesnt make you sound smart outside of your small world. Saying a device and software should work together is not a troll. The proper software for the proper hardware makes for great UX.
That's why it's a rumor. However, companies lie all the time. 
They always deny deny deny and then you find out they are working with Apple...
Notice that whenever gross margins are up at Apple... its usually because they've refreshed/recycled the products in their pipe line. Then Apple releases a new product line or a massive upgrade to an existing line of products.
good point. Maybe it will be useful in the future. Options are nice.Its more efficient to have one OS for all of your life. However, I haven't seen anyone make it work. The MSFT version is one piece of hardware with two OSes shoe horned onto it and a kickstand. It makes sense to me as a laptop. As a tablet I never use it. In fact I keep it in a drawer while my iPad is a natural extension of my hand.
Maybe a work horse tablet isn't the future. I mean iPad crashes a lot even doing the small stuff let alone under the full weight of a full app. If I want a "work horse" machine, I'll get a mac. An iPad with a keyboard costs the same as an MacBook Air and maybe its even more expensive. Most people don't actually need a work horse machine. For most people work horse means they can type on a keyboard. You can do that now. Sure you can't do photoshop but then you get a more...
New Posts  All Forums: