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Let's be honest. This is partially Apple's fault for not offering up unlocked devices to begin with. 
Let's face it. Consumers don't buy tech just to buy it every year because they need that one killer new feature. Average consumers buy new stuff when they need new stuff...not simply because it's available. Eventually the pace of innovation in these new product areas was bound to slow down. The same was true with the PC/Mac. The same will be true with the watch after the first several of them get released. 
I like twitter. Its a less personal FB of sorts.
Hmmmm interesting. 
2.5 hours. Hmmm sounds like an Android phone from years past.
Nor should they. They should be concerned with performance with the materials they are using. If more RAM isn't going to add enough of a benefit then Apple should not include more RAM.
That's true. He needs to read the terms and agreements as it relates to using iTunes. Apple is under no obligation to support other devices with tracks purchased from iTunes. It did have an obligation to the record companies.
That was part of the deal with getting the record companies on board and protecting the content per the government. First they say record companies need to take steps to protect their content....but when they do it, its considered anti trust. WTF? Well no the customer actually pays for what they use rather than being sued into financial ruin. That is a benefit. The fact that people were able to continue to do business in that industry was a benefit to the consumer. Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: