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I can do that myself
They can get your information with your debit card FYI.
That's pretty amazing that demand has increased. i have noticed more people actually wearing their AW's when I go out and about. My friend just texted me now with his. 
I edited my comment also because Apple isn't the only one paying artists for free streaming. Spotify is also. 
Apple Music is available on all platforms or will be in the future. Secondly, Apple isn't paying significantly more than other services for the same thing. Spotify pays for free music via the ads. 
But Ive already worked for two of the biggest names in the world....I'm black and there is interest. I'd take Apple up if they offered me a job. I'd even take slightly less salary to work with them. I just want the opportunity. After seeing the new Apple Music and realizing it's potential, I've determined that I would have great interest in working for Apple. Presumably, I'd want to work there until the bitter end. 
HTML5 is a catch all for HTML/JS/CSS3.
Java used to have Java Applets on the Front End. Yahoo Games used to use them extensively. The user didn't say anything about Java and Javascript having anything in common.  I am unable to find the plugins tab in Chrome. I'm getting angry because It use Chrome alot. 
We agree on the end result the market should work this out....and Im as liberal as they come. I think it's premature getting the FTC involved. Apple had already hinted that it was in the process of lowering the 30% fee. The other issue is that people used "freemium" things to circumvent the 30% fee on app store purchases. The complaint from users was that app developers were labeling their products as free but then charging for them once people started to actually use the...
New Posts  All Forums: