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Im loving my 6+ iPhone
The market is factoring in the china news and supply constraints.
So glad I pre ordered the 5.5" 6
Apple has found a way to get banks to promote its phone. Tim Cook said he wanted to create greater innovation through partnerships. I guess this is what it looks like. Pairing banks with Tech and a watch with a iPhone and giving Developers greater access to iOS.
Chase has been promoting Apple Pay heavily since last tuesday as well.
people said that about iPhone 5s and 5c. iPhone 5s turned out to be the bigger seller hands down. It was the same with the gold option.
they do that every year for iPhone and iPad releases.
  Courtesy of 9 to 5 Mac
Chase has been very aggressive in promoting Apple Pay. OMG! Emails and when I log in I get a chase Apple Pay screen. 
 Read what I said again. Yes Sammy sold 300+ million but those numbers are somewhat liberal IMO because you could label any android phone as a smart phone. 
New Posts  All Forums: