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Why would he? Tim Cook was right about Aaron trying to capitalize on the death of Tim's friend/co-worker.
When will yours?
People get so literal and then complain. For whatever reason Steve Jobs left. 
I just dont see why Drakes mgmt would lie about this. Tidal is trying it.
Is it theft though. Maybe we worked on related products. The reason Samsung hired him was because of his experience in the first place. 
I can do that myself
They can get your information with your debit card FYI.
That's pretty amazing that demand has increased. i have noticed more people actually wearing their AW's when I go out and about. My friend just texted me now with his. 
I edited my comment also because Apple isn't the only one paying artists for free streaming. Spotify is also. 
Apple Music is available on all platforms or will be in the future. Secondly, Apple isn't paying significantly more than other services for the same thing. Spotify pays for free music via the ads. 
New Posts  All Forums: