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It sounds like I will stop using PayPal if they don't cut it out. 
there were a billion android devices sold in 2013.
I would like to see Apple really try to sell 100million phones in a quarter.
I'm not sure why anyone would need more than 1GB of ram on a phone for using only one app at a time.
I'm kind of surprised at such a low number because the site was down for hours at a time for most people. Maybe they should've fixed that and been more prepared. Seems like they were asleep at the wheel friday.
They are selling these phones to people who are already apple fans.
especially when those same people could buy other products from you like TVs and Refrigerators.
Apple sold 25million iPhones over the weekend is my guess.
I would've liked to order both at the same time and get it all over with in one swoop. I guess they want the iPad to kill what little press other companies will get in-between now and when the iPad releases.
If you need 4GB of ram on your phone then you need help.can you dock it to the left top side of the phone?
New Posts  All Forums: