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I have a surface three and its like the worst of both worlds. Its a computer with a too small screen but then the shape feels weird when I want to read books off of it. The only way it works is as a really dumbed down laptop. Even then I have to stand it up on the desk and I have to be right up on top of the screen. Its an annoyingly small screen to look at while sitting around. If Im standing up the shape is awkward to hold onto.  The apps can break in half to be to halfs...
So when these groups were historically discriminated against even when they were the most qualified in favor of straight white men I guess that was pandering too? In the case of the human rights organization it's not pandering. The truth is that people from different backgrounds have a different perspective on things and can help people around them to solve problems in unique ways. The reverse is also true.  Every time life throws someone other than a straight white guy a...
Elected? We have a bill of rights because the US believes that there are basic human rights that people have. Additionally, does someone need to be elected to assert their human rights or human rights on the behalf of others? What do you expect the human rights group to be doing if a company isn't in compliance with basic human rights? While you are asking these non-sensical questions, you could go to the source for answers. This organization is rating companies based on...
Best is subjective at best. Hence the reason companies diversify. They want to get variance in terms of thought patterns. Picking the same people from the same backgrounds has the potential to limit creativity. This is part of what qualified women and minorities bring to the table that white males do not bring to the table. People from the same backgrounds tend to solve problems and think in the same ways when all problems are not effectively solved best from the same...
Maybe Go is good for that particular use case. 
I liked the last album. I still listen to it. It's the only Bey album I own. I think I'll check out the rest of these tracks as long as they don't force them onto me like they did with U2.
I would use this in DC.
LMAO! Welcome to 2010 MSFT. 
Did you know CurrentC was just hacked? It's your money but I guess you don't mind giving people direct access to your bank account. Did someone explain to you that if fraudulent transactions are made with your debit card you have limited recourse since you gave them direct ACH Debit access to your account.
I'm already using my debit card with it. 
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