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Clearly this is a swipe at Android. Google shouldve been doing what FF is honestly.
So I did in store pick up and everyone who did got moved to the front to get their devices first. I like the space gray color but the white gets me every time....ATT 32GB
As long as Apple keeps the smaller options on the table. I don't have remote control envy that's for sure.
I think AI needed a story because because of a slow news cycle. They don't have any scalpers waiting in line at the Apple Store to cover yet?
As much as everyone makes about MSFT's keyboard I don't use the keyboard at all. I feel that when I need to type something out I can do so quickly with my thumbs or if I need to do actual work I can do it with a computer.
The spacey gray is beautiful as an iPad.
Why did Carl invest in Apple if he didn't trust Apple to make good decisions? If he doesn't wants to keep his money in his pocket he should do it.
Why not? Apple would rather have some business than no business. Most people only need a tablet and a bluetooth keyboard.
Do they? iWorks, Google Apps, Office have 90% of the same functionality. For the perceived deficiencies in iWorks and Google Apps there is 3rd party software that is focused and can handle the other 10% of functionality that differentiates Office. I'd rather have just what I need and if I need more I can get at it easily without having to load some slow bloated software using up all the resources on my machine.
Duhhh they are going to go the MSFT route next… just you wait...
New Posts  All Forums: