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Apple has released always when they announced a new product. When was the last time gheyve cancelled a new product they planned to release.
This analysis assumes the watch will be finished and sold. All predictions are all based on a base set of assumptions. I can't believe you guys are trying to drag the analyst because they assumed the watch would in fact be released in 2015 given Apple's recent history.
Then why was mobileme such a disaster or the antenna disaster. A is relative. The guy may be an A relative to everyone else in the industry but at Apple he may only be a B or a C. However, you dont stay and A all the time. You have good and bad days because you are human. Saying that a guy who made a mistake is not an A player after 14years is wrong. There are so many holes in your logic. What about those people who are Bs and Cs but under the right situations become As....
LMAO!!! haahha I am so glad Apple fixed it sooner than expected.
How are you going to keep a job then? Everyone cant be a star player.
Im shocked people arent more upset about the lack of automated testing.
Let me get my tin foil hat.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...   What is friday going to bring.
I think it was a mistake to make the six plus with such little ram. If its going to be the high end model they should commit to it.
So punish Apple and move on with your life.
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