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those users dont care that much. So its unlikely theyd use anything different than they already have. If its too inconvenient then theyll say screw it and pull out their cash and cards. Remember these are people who dont care that much.Just because people like or tolerate Android doesnt mean theyll tolerate CurrentC.
I will avoid MCX and sign petitions.
Ohhh wow! This will help adoption if they can get this up and running.
I love this quote!
Not in the US. Maybe in the EU some where.
Sorry guys I will not engage with this data collection scheme.
I'm using it with my chase debit card. It has a VISA/MC logo on it. They have great fraud protection associated with using DC with the VISA/MC log on it. 
The CC Companies are held to a higher standard as it relates to consumer protections. That is why there is an additional 2-3% fee for merchants who participate in the system. It's insurance for them and the consumer. 
Please seek the assistance of a psychiatrist who enjoys a challenge. It's an internet message board. No need to start yelling at people. 
I have to support Apple Pay. I was never going to support an app that wants my SSN and DL and ACH Debit and health information. That's just a non starter for me. This information would be more secure posted up on my Facebook Page than with CurrentC.
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