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You know what they say in Texas... the bigger the phone, the smaller the penis.
nice try but no one trolls better than me. This is a weak troll at best.
Ohh WOW! I'm stunned. 
I knew this was coming. I'm going to email him about Safari's lack of Web Components support. 
I have to see the ads Apple comes out with first before I judge. They may be done well. Lord knows they couldn't get much worse than the geek ads... I want Apple to stop doing so many ads honestly. I think fewer location targeted ads is better. 
Thank you! :D I'm very glad you caught my humor. 
I didn't know the chinese were fans of base heavy sound. 
Apple has starved people of reasonable hardware upgrades. They are so desperate for an upgrade to the hardware that even just adding additional ram is enough to satisfy them.
How's that work?... Hachette edit and market the books etc but don't deserve a cut of the profits... assuming there are profits.
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