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In this Olympics, it just might be worth it. As if the bad publicity from holding this event in gay hating Russia isn't bad enough press. 
i was being sarcastic. Lol!
I was expecting higher numbers from Apple the market leader. I guess even they aren't infallible. 
One hand washes the other. 
I will stop by tmobile this week.
I am taking a wait and see approach.
they pay their devs peanuts. I dont like them as a company.
I don't even know what that means since every person I know who had an Android device ultimately ended up going back to iOS. It doesn't make sense to put a budget system in a car. On a phone people can get buy with it because they aren't spending thousands of dollars on it.
It isn't open at all. Google is not playing the open game any more. They are even less shy about it now. The problem is Android is constantly in beta. It's hacked to death etc...
As unstable as Android is, I'm not sure this is a wise move. Could you imagine if the Android stuff stopped working? You are stuck supporting it yourself. Eeek! My car won't start because of Malware. 
New Posts  All Forums: