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The point is that you do you. Stop telling other people how they should do them. It's really none of your business what others are doing. It's not your place to criticize them just like it isn't anyone's place to criticize you for practicing your religion. That's the point. Live and let live. People over religion. 
Tim could flood the state of Indiana with millions of dollars worth of ads against Republicans so they struggle a bit more in that state when elections come about. 
Yeah but she had to give up her stocks and benefits earned at her previous employer. Apple is just compensating her for previous earnings that she lost as a result of her leaving her employer to join Apple....not to mention the risk involved. I cant help but to think that this wouldnt even be an issue if she was a man. People always seem to do the most when blacks and women are put in powerful positions that pay well. 
I try to do this and sometimes it makes people uncomfortable. I don't like to oversell it. I can come off as pushy when I'm doing that. I'd rather people just come to it themselves after I put it out there.  
Isn't that kind of the point of his post though? NBC/Comcast got special deals and recieved special government treatment. That special treatment and access to politicians comes with regulations and other rules and requirements. 
You don't think it's prudent to list those 7 apps on this Apple blog? 
if you cant figure out the benefits of support for and OS and its hardware...I dont know what to tell you.
There is no support for LINUX from Dell and the other lessors.
That is what I would consider to be the problem. You actually have to court women to get them to work on technology with you and as far as minorities go companies just need to hire the ones already in the field. That will do more to spur diversity efforts than anything. 
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