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Basically, what we have here is people wanted an iPhone 6 scandal. So they started trying to snap their phones in half. Now they claim it's Apple's fault! LMAO!!!!
Apple should've made a more durable product. I can't in any way defend Apples phones being this easy to bend.
Sales are down because Apple hasnt offered up a reason ti buy a new macbook laptop or any new mac so far this year.
This doesnt just happen in Soho it happens at w14 street and 66street stores as well. This is what I have seen with my own eyes.
Ok im sorry then. I mistook your post. I dont want it to be a race thing that clouds up the scalping issue and I jumped to conclusions too quickly.
Um to be fair I work with a number of Chinese people who like Apple products and are fans. No need to trash people for being Chinese and speaking Mandarin. I agree with you about your general sentiment as it relates to the illegal importing of iPhones into China situation though.
The only problem with requiring credit cards outright is that people can buy prepaid cards. I prefer people have to go through the apple store and sign in with their apple ids. Then Apple can track the unit and send the individuals names to the Chinese government for when an illegal import is done. Then China can go after those responsible.  Requiring one per cash transaction not tied to a phone account in the country where the sale is being made is that people can get...
I think doing the least amount possible to curb the problem is the best course of action here. IMO, that is in-store-pickups only for the first couple of weeks. You must have an in store pick up in order to be lined up at the Apple store in advance of the release. Apple store employees can sign those people up who chose to pay with cash by collecting their apple ids etc. Maybe limiting the lines to only 3 hours before opening hours might also help.  I don't have a HUGE...
Ok I can agree with that. That is a fair point. Then Apple is responsible for knowingly helping scalpers illegally import iPhones into China when they(Apple) has not obtained the necessary approvals to sell the new iPhones in China.
check my twitter I have already thanked them. 
New Posts  All Forums: