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I have a 6 plus as well and I wear my pants so tight you can see my calfs in them. I have zero bend in my 6 plus and I've had it in my pockets on the train ride home repeatedly. One guy reported it on a video that is suspect. Then he struggles to get it to bend at all even after it is supposedly already "compromised through normal use". Hmmmmm.... I was thinking this could be an issue with the others until I saw the video. I'm not buying into the hype yet. Sorry. 
It's happened on every iPhone since the 4s. What are you talking about?
So I saw where this video has been debunked over on 9to5mac. The video is a fake.   1:39 in the video when he’s bending the phone, the iPhone clock reads 2:26, Tuesday September 23 2:16 in the video when the phone is already bend, the iPhone clock reads 1:58, Tuesday September 23
Im starting to wonder if the phones weren't bent out of the box already and people didn't realize it when purchasing. Then they tried to claim it was "normal" use that made it bend.
The Heavier Thicker Note didnt break or bend.
I participated and I dont feel guilty at all. I wanted to get a good laugh.
And they do bend also. Do a google Search on HTC phones.
i played football on saturday and while I hurt my ankle my iphone 6+ remains unbothered.
My fault.
i know when the 5 was released. You think just because he died before launch he didnt work on the product. LMAO! You need to learn a bit about how hardware and software are created.
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