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I like the new icons. I wasn't a fan of the skEWWW! It's like classical home styling vs contemporary home styling. I like nice clean and simple design. I don't like ornate crap.
I heard people complain more about ios 6. With ios 7 people are griping about design changes. Its like with anything. The peoplewho dont like itare always the loudest. Everyone else moves on with life.
Disagree with the judge on this one.
If there isn't a retina display mini announcement apple shouldn't even bother to hold the event. 
This guy has been right a lot. People always want to doubt him though.
 Please the only people buying phones at Apple stores at this point are the scalpers. 
If the iPad 5 has the same form factor as the mini theyll be less desire for a mini.
LMAO@ Samsung devices being for the unemployed.
I wonder what other body parts one can use as a finger print. First you have to know which body part was used to even have a shot at this.
The silver ring really stands out in real life. The black was surprisingly almost as appealing.
New Posts  All Forums: