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Who's next? 
he is saying there are a bunch of children in this thread. Lol!
Im gay too. Lets make babies.
Welp! That didn't take long.
The problem comes in when they start getting information about where you shop, what you buy, your SSN, your DL and your health information. Now these people have enough information to track your friends and family as well. This is in addition to unraveling the protections associated with protecting your direct banking account information with a Credit Card or Debit Card. A hacker can wipe you out with one swoop.
I think people should complain to their banks and credit unions. If enough people raise a stink to their banks, the banks will cave in and block access to CurrentC because of security and privacy concerns. Plus the banks are all to eager because they pay the fees on debit transactions and fraud.
those users dont care that much. So its unlikely theyd use anything different than they already have. If its too inconvenient then theyll say screw it and pull out their cash and cards. Remember these are people who dont care that much.Just because people like or tolerate Android doesnt mean theyll tolerate CurrentC.
I will avoid MCX and sign petitions.
Ohhh wow! This will help adoption if they can get this up and running.
I love this quote!
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