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So punish Apple and move on with your life.
The goal is not to tell the truth. It's to create a story. 
I dont know why people here try to make up stuff in their own heads as they go along.
I was insensed because I wasted 1/2 of my day. However, I think the response is good. Stuff happens. Cant get all worked up. I do think 8.0.1 shouldve been dev tested first quite frankly because of the health kit issues.
people are used to google failing?
i honestly dont know why Samsung uses a touch wiz over their phones. Theyd be far better off with stock Android.
Great! Thats all I wanted. Im good now.
Being first means nothing if what you released isnt any good or its totally unusable as was the case with NFC in Android phones here in the states. Google and Samsung thought they could throw a piece of NFC hardware into a phone and call it a payment system....and it didnt work.
i was referring to this week not last week. I dont really care about Samsungs stock price. They benefit when iPhones and Android phones are sold. I specifically brought up the fact that there were three different scandals that went viral in three days. One of which was completely avoidable.
agreed but its clear the guy was lying. Why are the times wrong? It appears that he spent rougly 28 minutes bending the phone beforehand. Then as he is doing it his hands are trembling.
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