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You don't think it's prudent to list those 7 apps on this Apple blog? 
if you cant figure out the benefits of support for and OS and its hardware...I dont know what to tell you.
There is no support for LINUX from Dell and the other lessors.
That is what I would consider to be the problem. You actually have to court women to get them to work on technology with you and as far as minorities go companies just need to hire the ones already in the field. That will do more to spur diversity efforts than anything. 
Sounds about right to me. This is why I advocate for developing people. 
I like the mag safe idea personally as it provides that balance of being able to charge and being protected against accidents.
I want this to do my development on.
For me, it's not a matter of If. It's a matter of which. I want to try out the space gray or the gold mac or maybe stick with silver since I'm a silver person generally speaking. 
People do many things they don't like to do. There is always a chance people won't like programming or will burn out and what not. You will have that regardless. There is no getting around that risk. I think it's a difference in philosophical approach. Rather than dumping money into potentially over priced institutions, maybe hiring minorities who are already in the field and then training them to succeed in your organization is a better use of resources....than writing...
New Posts  All Forums: