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Apple will shore up the codebase and do some refactoring. We just have to be patient. I would like Apple to launch features when they are ready. Maybe have a 8.1.2 and an 8.1.3 etc on a faster cycle. That way small bugs don't have to wait so long in between to be addressed. 
Are we getting the unfiltered version? Or are we getting the version who is more experienced with his design? Do you know if he is the final say on what designs get released or did you make that up yourself. I think product releases are the result of many people involved not just one person. I know that for a fact.
That's a critic which is different from a designer. I have already said that Steve has taste (other wise known as a sense of design). You rephrased what I've already said.
I'm curious to see this watch in person. I remember when everyone said the tablet was a bad idea....until the tablet wasn't such a bad idea. 
Steve Jobs is good at marketing not necessarily design. Steve Jobs has taste. Johnny Ive is really the man behind all of the latest Apple products in the last 20 years. 
i hear that from people who cant find a real use. However many justify the ipad so they dont need to own an iphone.
why wouldnt they have it to get maximum adoption? If you add TID then why not the whole kit n kaboodle.
Scratchy slate...ew...i prefer the gun metal color they are using now.
I would like an iRing.
I would not pay hundreds of dollars for a Samsung anything. They don't have the infrastructure to support it.
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