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I dont buy samsung branded products if I can help it.
Thats what I was saying lol hahahha
Yes if i dont add lots of qualifiers when responding to a topic that already had a context...
I was always referring to the Chinese part of the equation as it relates to legality of the illegal imports. I don't know how one could've gleaned that it was illegal in the US to resell something you bought in the US for a profit. That was never up for a debate. People are just trying to cling to anything to try and delegitimize the Chinese government. 
Apple has on more than one occasion modified their process as a result of scalping. They clearly don't want to upset the Chinese government in any way and jeopardize their relationship with them. No one is debating Apple's responsibility here. You tried to say that Apple is helping people commit crimes over in China when that is not in fact the case. Apple has an authorized reseller program. Those people are not operating under that agreement.  It's not legal to resell the...
Than why is selling iPhones so important if the people of China are risking getting their head cut off for breaking their laws?
What was hyperbolic about what I said? Yes please wake up. You aren't making any sense. There was nothing hyperbolic about what I said. I was just laughing at people trying to defend the obviously illegal behavior of the smuggling rings. 
I never held Apple responsible for this as it's not their fault. I don't know where you got that from. 
You should really just stop because the mods are going to see what yiu wrote. But please see if you can be more offensive. Just because China has human rights abuses doesnt mean you can smuggle anything you want into their country. Its the same as the US. We have restrictions on what can be imported into the US
If we arent talking about human rights, then why is it so important to allow people to break other laws that arent human rights related.We aren't talking about the human rights
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