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I ammended my comments in a later post after the video. I even stated that bend has not been a problem for me.
The battery on my 6+ is great even under heavy usage. The display is gorgeous. Even my android toting roomate wanted my 6+.
the media isnt invested in that story.
If youve read my earlier posts I kept my phone in my pocket also and it did not bend. Ive already stated this. However, this bend issue has been ongoing since iPhone 5.
What steve says is only relevant when he says it. It doesnt hold true forever.
Accept that steve worked on these products right up until his death. You don't think these products hatched themselves overnight. It takes years of R&D and planning and time to get them to market. Sorry but I remember when the first user reported his complaint on MR. A user shouldn't be able to bend their phone simply by putting it in their front pocket. A note wont bend almost with no matter how much pressure you apply to it. Some of it is stupidity but some of it is...
Um he changes his mind on just about everything. Bigger phones, Smaller Tablets. You name it. Where do you all get this stuff from? Do you guys enjoy ignoring the facts?
You are way late. It's Bendghazi not Bengate.
Accept that he released a 4" phone. LMAO! We was against smaller tablets and then ended up creating one. Steve was famous for being being flaky with his opinions. NEXT!
They clearly didn't test the device out in the real world for usage. A little QA goes along way.
New Posts  All Forums: