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Well my gripe is more that the companies are not investing in actual people. They are investing in programs. I'd rather see them invest in people. I think that is severely lacking in the tech world right now. Most companies want ready made products rather than actually trying to develop people. 
The politics can also work against a business. Eventually the people who are actually the brains of the operation leave HUGE gaps to fill. Currently, the guy you hired at 75k who was doing a ton of work for you will now have to replace and pay the next person 100k+ to fill that same gap all while wasting company time to find that person and get them up to speed on your system and how to work within it effectively. I myself can be brilliant or terrible at handling politics....
I don't agree. I love programming. It's very fun working with people who end up becoming my friend at one capacity or another. I also love the learning. 
Some people at a company I was hired at awhile ago quit because the sexism was so bad. The same thing happened with employees that are of a minority status. I think the sexism happens more often than racism in the tech world. However, many qualified minorities never get through the door because of things like "ohh we don't share the same vision technologically". The goal of diversity is to have diversity of thinking. If everyone comes from the same background it can be...
We need to disband the CIA and create a new law that states that our privacy must be protected. 
The dollar is strong right now vs the canadian dollar.
Who is using the Dow Jones to make financial decisions with relation to the overall US Economy? The S&P 500 is what people should be looking at.
Wow at Samsung blatantly ripping off Apple's designs yet again. 
Let's be honest. This is partially Apple's fault for not offering up unlocked devices to begin with. 
Let's face it. Consumers don't buy tech just to buy it every year because they need that one killer new feature. Average consumers buy new stuff when they need new stuff...not simply because it's available. Eventually the pace of innovation in these new product areas was bound to slow down. The same was true with the PC/Mac. The same will be true with the watch after the first several of them get released. 
New Posts  All Forums: