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Being first means nothing if what you released isnt any good or its totally unusable as was the case with NFC in Android phones here in the states. Google and Samsung thought they could throw a piece of NFC hardware into a phone and call it a payment system....and it didnt work.
i was referring to this week not last week. I dont really care about Samsungs stock price. They benefit when iPhones and Android phones are sold. I specifically brought up the fact that there were three different scandals that went viral in three days. One of which was completely avoidable.
agreed but its clear the guy was lying. Why are the times wrong? It appears that he spent rougly 28 minutes bending the phone beforehand. Then as he is doing it his hands are trembling.
thats a fair and reasoned point. I still am somewhat shaken up by it because it did effect my ability to make phone calls. To me that is crucial. I still think they shouldve tested it with willing developers given that phone connectivity is the most basic feature of the phone. I wouldve had the option to easily go back to iOS 8.0.0. Instead I had to wait in line at the Apple store for hours. I dont know what Apple can do about the phone bending thing. I somewhat expect...
Hmmm read what you wrote then talk to me about stupidity. If you have an argument, you state that. Im reasonable and I change my opinion to the better opinion when there is one. When people like you are left without a case you resort to childish and immature names because youve got nothing else to offer.I was just pointing out that it has not been a good week for Apple. Thats the facts. Is that true or false given that in three days there have been three scandals?
First it was scalpers. Then it was bendghazi. Now we have iOS 8.0.1... Apple is really on a roll this week. What will it be tomorrow?
Those are views in 1 day. Thats almost a record.
Hmmmmm.... I spot no lies.
this is true somwhat but given that its launch week and so many upgrades and switches from Android youd think theyd want to avoid so much bad press surrounding iPhone 6 and 6+.
follow the release process for a single character added into the code.
New Posts  All Forums: