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Lmao!!! The minis arent in short supply. And they are being released in every country....lol!Theyll wind up back at the Apple store.
I just received mine. I am back at work now.
2 Silver iPad mini is waiting for me now.
Dont I know it. I tried gift the Galaxy line of products and the nexus 7 all I got were complaints.
Well looks like no one is in line. Im going to Apple Store at 9.
The resellers have been burned by the iPad so many times now. They say they only want the gold iPhone when I walked by a line of people outside the Apple Store on my way to the gym this morning.
I wonder if they will be available in the store at all.
supply isnt that constrained for anyone paying attention.
Not true...you just dont get it as often but i often make sure my friends can have access to new apple products.
i dont care what anyone else thinks about me. They like getting the Apple toys i give them. I am the first one to admit when I am wrong.Tallest was bullying me around and making fun of me and other people on this forum were joining in. Naturally, Im going to gloat on this forum.
New Posts  All Forums: