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they never talk about ram. They talk about performance. That is what is important afterall. When a device makers device's performance is lousy they stress specs.
if they use a camera they will use an iPad. Apple shouldve known this. NFC antenna will be the most requested feature for next year. Apple knows they need to give people a reason to buy again
So are people going to need a data plan for a watch now? That's weird. 
Ugh ohhh the ram people will not be happy with this.
This worked well for me on three occasions. GNC didn't take ApplePay yet.
So Ive tried Apple Pay at two places and it worked flawlessly both times.
ummm iPad Air 2s have high gross margins so do iPhone 6+s. The mini is a low margin product. However, its a gateway product like the low end iPhone 6. Get people into the ecosystem then they buy more expensive stuff.
they know when their device is in constant restore after an OS Update.
lmao! So true. They spent last year trying to convince use the mini was every inch an iPad despite the gimped color gamut. I think Apple may need to re-align its product offerings.
I don't consider people trashing others for their choices particularly witty or interesting. It would be interesting if people didn't trash another person based on them buying what they like. 
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