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this is true somwhat but given that its launch week and so many upgrades and switches from Android youd think theyd want to avoid so much bad press surrounding iPhone 6 and 6+.
follow the release process for a single character added into the code.
thats what devloper testing is for. Apple didnt follow their own standards for their release process. Its no one else's fault but Apple and they have yet to comment other than we are looking into it. Its a complete breaking of peoples trust in Apple. Why is there no response from the CEO 6 hours later? When you pay more you expect more.
same thing is happening to me.
I put it in my front pocket and my 6+ remains unbothered.
i noted that same thing earlier and was shot down.
yeah but they have a developer beta program for pre-release testing and they didnt use it.
totally impossible to see all the bugs that might arise. However, in this case Apple didnt even send it through the developer beta testing process they set up. That is why Im annoyed with Apple. Its a rookie mistake not to use their QA and developer beta process every time.
I can't even restore it from my mac. Not iOS 8 or even a hard restore. Ugh!!! This is not good. 
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