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I'm going to apply at apple now. 
VZN nickel and dime-ing people instead of giving people great service. Oh well now everyone knows what I've known about VZN forever. Don't deal with them. You'll pay for data by the gig and they'll still throttle you. Their 3G and LTE is slow as all heck. 
You do realize that the different bands allow companies to differentiate the technology they are using to service their customers. Based on your suggestion if a carrier wants to make improvements in their tech they cant because what you proposed is every company to be on one band by law. Please stay out of the business of making laws because your proposal is worse than what is already been done.
I had to beg ATT to unlock my phone even though I bought my phone outright. I dont really buy into those blanket platitudes about politicians and parties. You could say the same things about anyone doing things they dont need to. Some here dont get my humor. Apple shouldve made the phones unlocked by default. Dont even give carriers the option to lock it since they are no longer exclusive to ATT. Why should ATT be able to tell you how many times you can unlock your phones...
Im going by my own experience. Clearly even republicans in congress felt the need to pass this completely unnecessary bill because you were able to get your phone unlocked.
the cell phone carriers were making it hard for consumers to unlock their phones even when they were out of contract. I remember signing the petition myself and tracking the petition for months.
LMAO! They make other stuff too... like iPhone parts. 
I mispoke on my last sentence. I was thinking of the 2 year old video card they elected to keep. I don't know if there were power and performance concerns or there weren't many gains to be had by using the latest video cards relative to their price.  They could update their actual monitors which could use an upgrade. I'm not sure why they've neglected these. In either case...  I don't have proof of intel blocking Apple outright but it appears that way. 
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