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Fun fun fun!!!
Apple only has to have their site ready to handle a billion users at once a few times a year and they don't even get that right. *shakes head*
As long as AT&T gets this feature ASAP. They should've done it by now to alleviate their network issues. 
Relax. He is probably talking about tree huggers and various other libtardz who are annoyed at the fact Walmart pays their employees so little they need government handouts to eat as it is so they made the decision not to shop at Walmart. Take NYC for instance... Walmart has been blocked from opening up a store numerous times.
mine is available for pick up at w14 9/19
Samsung cashes in either way. One hand washes the other.
Wow on the online Apple Store TMobile is sold out!!! AT&T and all the others still have units available for sale.
Discover already announced it would in fact be on Apple Pay.
I ordered mine promptly at around 3:15am for in store pickup. I purchased the iPhone 6+ 64GB in Silver. Basically Apple found a way to reward loyal customers by first letting them order first. By tomorrow everyone else will order. Apple supposedly made 80million phones... So I hope they are able to satiate the demand. 
I've tried to use this feature on multiple occasions and I can't because no merchants in the US supports this feature. 
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