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how do you keep kids from purchasing stuff? Or even other adult family members?
Apple also bans porn. Where do we draw the line? One is offensive to a whole group of people and in the context of what happened games that host that particular flag should be banned. Apple is making a distinction here that the gamification of the Civil War in particular is offensive enough not just from the racial angle but from the perspective of the US government that Apple feels it shouldn't be in games and instead should only remain in a historical context (i.e....
To be fair though, foreigners come to the US and treat it like their dumping ground for their garbage. They act like everyone in the US is supposed to be there so their experience in the US can be amazing even as they are treating everyone around them like dirt and not even realizing how rude they are actually being. Otherwise I pretty much agree with the general points of your post. 
It's easier to remove the offending imagery if I was a game maker. I can make up another Civil War like flag that doesn't include the real one.
it actually creates the illusion of anonymity. You arent actually anonymous. Additionally, its the reason so many have started using facebook, twitter as logins. It has a self policing effect to some extent when its connected to your online profile.
So what. If Apple cared they wouldnt have removed it. Maybe Apple isnt as greedy as everyone thought. What did you think Apple meant when they said in their TOS that reasonably objectionable content in apps would not be tolerated?You getting angry Apple refuses to allow confederate flags in games says more about you than Apple. I personally could be on both sides of the issue but I just dont think its unreasonable. If Apple got rid of books with flag images or civil war...
They are banning making a game out of racism and violence against the american government. Think about it. Apple isnt stopping anyone from teaching the history. If Apple does that then I will say they went too far.
If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to support Apple and it's products. Google has done the same things as have Amazon and others. You claim its PC going too far then you need to build your own platform and feature the confederate content you want on it. The Confederate X flag in particular was the largest attack on the United States ever and still stands as a symbol of racism. Of course it should be taken down. I'm sure none of you complaining would gripe about an...
I wish Taylor Swift's music was half as good as her negotiation skills. She's a better hire than Iovine. 
LMAO So true. HAHAHAHHA! Wow! Great post btw...
New Posts  All Forums: