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Apple has starved people of reasonable hardware upgrades. They are so desperate for an upgrade to the hardware that even just adding additional ram is enough to satisfy them.
How's that work?... Hachette edit and market the books etc but don't deserve a cut of the profits... assuming there are profits.
Great! For lte usage iPhone 5s is tops. In wifi it lags behind. If you need to be cobbled to a wifi hotspot all day you may have a point but if you are already cobbled to wifi, why not plug the dayum phone in. The bottom line is if you need to be mobile....then iPhone 5s is the phone to beat.
I refuse to believe you are as incapable of reding comprehension as your post would lead one to believe. I said studies show Android users dont use their phones as heavily as iPhone users. Secondly, you may be using your phone more before work than they are. You dont what they are or arent doing with their phones prior to and after work. Its silly to try to assume. What we do know is what the studies show. Unless you have some other study that shows Galaxy 5 users use the...
Do you boo. I mean seriously... Studies have shown that Android people don't actually use their phones. It's only natural that the battery might last longer time wise since they aren't even using it to begin with. iPhone users are heavy users as a group. So yeah wall huggers iPhone users may be but Samsung users aren't even using their phones.
Im arguing that there should be no government subsidies at all for having kids. Everyone who makes the same salary pays the same rates regardless of their other responsibilities.
Who was whining about funding schools? Im griping about the single people having to support lifestyle choices of everyone else. Whats wrong with parents supporting their lifestyle by paying their fair share?
I said pay their fair share. Parents get tax money back from the government yet their families are using up more resources. It makes no sense for single people to subsidize other people's lifestyle choices. The decision to have a family should be made based on the fact that you can afford it without other people having to pay your bills.  
Most parents dont pay any taxes or dont pay their fair share. Here is a clue dont have kids you cant afford to support.Most parents dont pay any taxes or dont pay their fair share. Here is a clue dont have kids you cant afford to support.
Those employees need to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars each...not a couple of thousand dollars. Google, Apple and friends need to pay up.
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