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finger print? Online transactions dont require photo id either and most places dont even check.
sorry with all of the recent data breaches its my way or no way. I live in a place where I can afford to be choosy with whom I give my information an money.
id wand someone from the media to come right out and aske them.
I vote with my dollars. No ApplePay no business.
so Apple has taken your advice on how to make money?
or maybe they already factored it into the settlement?
They are trying to get rich quick and not pay back loans Apple is owed. 
Then why sign on the dotted line. GT Adv wants to keep the money without following through on the contract. The CEO needs to be run out. Don't blame Apple because GT Adv couldn't hold up their end of a contract. This is why Apple does manufacturing in China and other countries and not the US. American companies do dirty things like this forcing Apple into the arms of communist business environments because they do have their merits.
I bought Bose for comfort not sound. Admittedly Beats has a better sound but Bose in ear comfort is far and away the best I have ever experienced in a headphone.
I wish this man would stop.
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