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Take the tin foil off of your head and think about what you just wrote. You're not making any sense at all. If a device is so easy to make there is no need to prepare it years in advance. I don't know if you saw but display mate clearly stated that Apple created the best LCD ever known in the iPhone 6 and 6+. They even stated that they raised the bar by a notch. Sure is not OLED display but that means no burnin and other undesirable side effects of using OLED.  Then you...
Apple should just do in store pick up for new purchases during the first two weeks of launch for all store units and not just some store units.
show us don't tell us... 99% of scientists agree. You can't get 99% of anyone to agree on anything. Would I rather listen to multiple doctors same assessment and get treatment from them or would I rather pull off the Steven Jobs method of health treatment for a condition and listen to some non-sense from some libertarians who have no knowledge of the subject at the level they would need to even be qualified to speak about the science at all. We see how that worked out for...
People with no credentials on the subject trying to question people who work and study science their whole life.... is just AMAZING!
Yeah but last year had china included in the numbers. This year did not have China included. So you are wrong. 
I agree. The beats music service is the part of beats that is actually better than the competition. It was so much easier to use than Spotify IMHO.
Texas wont stop sending oil to states who can afford to pay for it. Do you need me to post links about that HUGE scandal? Even with their rainy day fund they still had a budget shortfall of 25billion dollars despite being ine if the highest recipients of government money if all the states and their oil money. No one is forcing states to take money if they are principally against government handouts.
Every time I start to like him he goes and says something ignorant. There is nothing wrong with trying to do better with our climate. 
I'm not because Rick Perry had a 25 billion dollar shortfall and had to ask the federal government for a bailout after claiming TX didn't need welfare from the federal government.
Galaxy Note best smartphone display.
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