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Sorry guys I will not engage with this data collection scheme.
I'm using it with my chase debit card. It has a VISA/MC logo on it. They have great fraud protection associated with using DC with the VISA/MC log on it. 
The CC Companies are held to a higher standard as it relates to consumer protections. That is why there is an additional 2-3% fee for merchants who participate in the system. It's insurance for them and the consumer. 
Please seek the assistance of a psychiatrist who enjoys a challenge. It's an internet message board. No need to start yelling at people. 
I have to support Apple Pay. I was never going to support an app that wants my SSN and DL and ACH Debit and health information. That's just a non starter for me. This information would be more secure posted up on my Facebook Page than with CurrentC.
Well I guess there are options. People can use the carrier who exists.
Verifone is now encouraging it's merchants to turn on NFC payments. 
No they aren't. There is no incentive for a business to charge less than the market will allow a business to charge for a product. That 2-3% in CC fees is insurance in the case of fraud or a data breach. The 2-3% saved on CC fees will pay for bonuses and protect the business from any liability in the event they make a mistake and your personal information gets stolen and used for nefarious purposes.
I found a petition on the whitehouse.gov website ==> http://wh.gov/icbF5
and the other half use Android devices... yeah I dont see CurrentC and MCX working out. Between the privacy issues and the insecurity within the system. CurrentC may not ever get off the ground. They should probably just scrap it and get this story out of the news media. Every site I've seen reporting it has a gazillion comments with upset patrons griping. 
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