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I bought Bose for comfort not sound. Admittedly Beats has a better sound but Bose in ear comfort is far and away the best I have ever experienced in a headphone.
I wish this man would stop.
iPod Nano iPod Nano Plus iPod Touch iPod Touch Plus iPad Mini iPad Mini Plus iPad Air iPad Air Plus iPad iPad Plus MacBook Air MacBook Air Plus MacBook Pro MacBook Pro Plus Apple TV Apple TV Edition Apple TV Sport
Its Fox News Lite. What did you expect?
No one wants a small iphone.
accept that Apple has bluetooth and wifi issues and healthkit issues with 8.0 and 8.0.1 just made everyones wifi and lte stop working on their phones altogether. In 8.0.2 there are stll issues with wifi connectivity and bluetooth.
Innovation in the form of working with the banks and players in the financial markets. Google may beat Apple to launching a feature but usability is the real issue and having a buy in from banks. 
Well all those buggy releases in a row. Its no wonder people arent upgrading.
He's the kind of CEO I'd want to work for. 
Apple didnt want to allow another proprietary format. I see no problem with that at all. However they alliwed open standards like mp3 to be used with iPod. Why should they be under any obligation to realplayer
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