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It isn't open at all. Google is not playing the open game any more. They are even less shy about it now. The problem is Android is constantly in beta. It's hacked to death etc...
As unstable as Android is, I'm not sure this is a wise move. Could you imagine if the Android stuff stopped working? You are stuck supporting it yourself. Eeek! My car won't start because of Malware. 
I didn't know BB keyboards were detachable. Is the font of the characters the same on the keyboard? It sounds like sour grapes from BB. They wish they had thought of it first. 
im just not that hard up to let the nsa know what Im driving and where Im driving it all the time.
If you are going to spend money on a luxury car why would you use the budget phone? More importantly why would you risk your customer base with something as unstable as Android? If audi was catering to budget consumers, I could understand but its probably best to give people options here.
Carl just came in out of nowhere and started dictating business decisions. Id be highly skeptical.
Don't these people know there is tracking all over the floor models?
What kind of hardware would it be if it wasn't a boner.
My dad specifically requested a blue iPhone 5c.
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