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This is a tough one. I don't see how Apple wins here TBQH. I sympathize with both sides. I think Apple should defer the 3 month trial TBQH until after this thing has launched for 6 months. This way artists don't take the hit right away. I think Apple doesn't have to dump loss leader products but they don't have to provide them all at once either. I think there is a middle ground. Release the paid product first then add in the loss leader stuff at a later time. 
agreed. However if you want to get a service off the ground we shouldn't be saying spotify has it but Apple doesnt and people like Taylor and Adele aren small indie artists.
I am in total agreement. Apple should be paying royalties during the free trial period. Why should artists starve because Apple is trying to sell a new service?
Apple music is shaping up to fail. Taylor won't make her music available unless people are paid subscribers... However, I don't really listen to her like that so it doesn't effect me directly. 
I don't know why Apple doesn't just chalk it up to the cost of doing business. Apple needs to stop nickel and dimming content providers.
Rdio just sounds worried TBQH. 
I will say this about the EU... at least they are consistent. The US should've been first to examine Amazon's contracts with the book industry seeing as they didn't like what Apple had done. 
That was me saying that the US government has a habit of punishing success.
Amazon is making negative income every year so of course the US wouldn't investigate them. In order for the US to investigate Amazon, Amazon would have to actually be successful at all and turning a profit. 
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