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they know when their device is in constant restore after an OS Update.
lmao! So true. They spent last year trying to convince use the mini was every inch an iPad despite the gimped color gamut. I think Apple may need to re-align its product offerings.
I don't consider people trashing others for their choices particularly witty or interesting. It would be interesting if people didn't trash another person based on them buying what they like. 
The guy who said the iPad mini is like Cinderella and Apple is the evil step mother hit the nail on the head. They shouldve just discontinued the rMini one and dropped the price to $299. Its sill rocking an A7? Im like WTF? With that being said my order delivers 22-24 of next week.
This was always the plan. Expect Apple to stop doing businees with US Vendors. They were so eager to help create jobs in the US. Apples loan was bankrupted just so the CEO and friwnds could cash out millions is stock.
WOW that looks AMAZING!
No upgraded display?
Why would a website use TouchID if it's going to cost them 30% cut out of their profits. 
Bose in ear sports series has comfort that is unparalleled. Beats has better sound than Bose easy. I chose Bose because of comfort. I need headphones that are easy to work out with. I'm not paying $600 for headphones without the apple logo on them.
They are trained in law not technology. 
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