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They will stop supporting obj-c effective immediately.
LMAO!!! I better camp out at the Apple store tonight. 
I want to hear this one. Man what do they have up their sleeve. It sounds like a 3 hour event. 
Apple is going to buy MSFT?
Yikes! Apple will announce that it will give other vendors a chance to use its software.
Only 8 Megapixel camera? Eeek They are going to get dragged for this if true.
I can take ***k like a woman. Does that count?
I would be thrilled if Apple had three sizes of phones and three sizes of iPads. I hope they release everything the same day.
I thought I wanted the 4.7 inch phone but now I want the 5.5 inch phone. I'd take either though TBQH if the only difference is the size rather than the screen quality.
Finger print DUH!
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