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it actually creates the illusion of anonymity. You arent actually anonymous. Additionally, its the reason so many have started using facebook, twitter as logins. It has a self policing effect to some extent when its connected to your online profile.
So what. If Apple cared they wouldnt have removed it. Maybe Apple isnt as greedy as everyone thought. What did you think Apple meant when they said in their TOS that reasonably objectionable content in apps would not be tolerated?You getting angry Apple refuses to allow confederate flags in games says more about you than Apple. I personally could be on both sides of the issue but I just dont think its unreasonable. If Apple got rid of books with flag images or civil war...
They are banning making a game out of racism and violence against the american government. Think about it. Apple isnt stopping anyone from teaching the history. If Apple does that then I will say they went too far.
If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to support Apple and it's products. Google has done the same things as have Amazon and others. You claim its PC going too far then you need to build your own platform and feature the confederate content you want on it. The Confederate X flag in particular was the largest attack on the United States ever and still stands as a symbol of racism. Of course it should be taken down. I'm sure none of you complaining would gripe about an...
I wish Taylor Swift's music was half as good as her negotiation skills. She's a better hire than Iovine. 
LMAO So true. HAHAHAHHA! Wow! Great post btw...
This is a tough one. I don't see how Apple wins here TBQH. I sympathize with both sides. I think Apple should defer the 3 month trial TBQH until after this thing has launched for 6 months. This way artists don't take the hit right away. I think Apple doesn't have to dump loss leader products but they don't have to provide them all at once either. I think there is a middle ground. Release the paid product first then add in the loss leader stuff at a later time. 
agreed. However if you want to get a service off the ground we shouldn't be saying spotify has it but Apple doesnt and people like Taylor and Adele aren small indie artists.
I am in total agreement. Apple should be paying royalties during the free trial period. Why should artists starve because Apple is trying to sell a new service?
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