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I think Samsung should be forced to pay the dmages and fees going forward on each device sold.
Nothing youve said changes my mind about setting expectations properly. That is the point I was making. If you dont agree with that point fine. Moving on.
this sounds awesome!
i have over 1000 posts you just got here.
the question is ...is the best twice as good. The objective advice says its expensive for what it is. You Appologists can say whatever you want but thats just fandom speaking. Thats why people don't hear that.
Who said anything about a Nexus 7? Did i once say anything about a Nexus 7. I was talking about expectations. I have an iPad Air so you can hush up and address the argument. IMO and the opinion of all the people who've objectively reviewed the new Mini is that Mini is expensive for what it is...you can go on defending Apple's corporate speak but that doesnt change the facts.So you can stop defending Apple for saying a product is one thing and then it turns out be to...
then you clearly didnt read the reviews of Air's display being superior to that of the iPad 3.
Then Apple shouldve set the expectations of their customer. Apple tried to say the mini is exactly the same as the Air just smaller when that is not the case at all. The gamut is smaller and the chip is clocked at a lower speed than the Air but here is Apple asking for more money. Last year Apple pointed out the trade offs so it wasn't an issue. Everyone knew the trade offs were made before they purchased. People are now finding out the trade offs after they got home and...
Sorry but Apple screwed up the expectations game. Thats not my fault. With mini 1 they set expectations low people werent surprised or disappointed. I think people couldve swallowed the underclocked A7m7 and inferior color gamut to every other current tablet around. People wouldve paid an additional $100 for a full experience Apple rMini. They get upset when you try to charge a premium dollar and arent forthcoming about the deficiencies.
Galaxy Note is better. Its either weak demand or maybe they have so many players building Apple products now....
New Posts  All Forums: