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Apple is going to buy MSFT?
Yikes! Apple will announce that it will give other vendors a chance to use its software.
Only 8 Megapixel camera? Eeek They are going to get dragged for this if true.
I can take ***k like a woman. Does that count?
I would be thrilled if Apple had three sizes of phones and three sizes of iPads. I hope they release everything the same day.
I thought I wanted the 4.7 inch phone but now I want the 5.5 inch phone. I'd take either though TBQH if the only difference is the size rather than the screen quality.
Finger print DUH!
If Apple is that desperate for secrecy that they need to put a white box up, they should stop conveniently leaking information to WSJ, NYT, macrumors and this site.
the fact that it has two pages means that this will stay as it generates clicks which generate money to keep this site running.
Well said. I can pitch a tent for Apple's products in the privacy of my bedroom thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: