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I will avoid MCX and sign petitions.
Ohhh wow! This will help adoption if they can get this up and running.
I love this quote!
Not in the US. Maybe in the EU some where.
Sorry guys I will not engage with this data collection scheme.
I'm using it with my chase debit card. It has a VISA/MC logo on it. They have great fraud protection associated with using DC with the VISA/MC log on it. 
The CC Companies are held to a higher standard as it relates to consumer protections. That is why there is an additional 2-3% fee for merchants who participate in the system. It's insurance for them and the consumer. 
Please seek the assistance of a psychiatrist who enjoys a challenge. It's an internet message board. No need to start yelling at people. 
I have to support Apple Pay. I was never going to support an app that wants my SSN and DL and ACH Debit and health information. That's just a non starter for me. This information would be more secure posted up on my Facebook Page than with CurrentC.
Well I guess there are options. People can use the carrier who exists.
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