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You know what they say... garbage in garbage out. The watch was released on Apr 10th. Not sure why it would be the focus for this quarterly report that ended in march. 
I have for monday.
swipe up to delete.
Yeah Safari hasn't been getting as much love and attention as it should. Where are Web Components and ES6 features? It feels like Apple is dragging it's feet. 
I used my Equinox App and Starbucks App successfully today. I am SLAYYYED!
but apple is selling a watch. They shouldve had a mirror.
Ripoff in terms of price and it looks. It looks like a fit bit or a fuel band.... For $199 a Pebble or Moto Watch seems like a better buy. 
No thanks. It's a ripoff. The Apple Watch can do far more and it doesn't look like heck. 
The lies... 
Why don't we fire you instead. Apple is entering into the fashion world and it's more important to be in the fashion boutiques than at the Apple Store. You don't go after someone's job because there are supply constraints beyond anyone's control. You wouldn't like it if you were being faulted for something that you have ZERO control over. That would be like firing you from your job because Apple didn't deliver the watch on 4/24 like you had hoped....or the watch isn't in...
New Posts  All Forums: