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Actually I do have an iPhone 6+ that got hammered.
Really? Pull it together. Don't go nuts. Stuff happens. However, Apple needs to do a better job of QA. 
I back up every time I'm on wifi practically. I hate long backups. I will restore in a few from itunes with the instructions others have already provided.
I did misread it. LOL Sorry!
CEO is responsible for what employees do up to a point. This is a code push not some failed business strategy. Apple has never been particularly good at Software Services even under Steve Jobs. 
Mobile Me, Antennagate, iMessagegate,  That was all Steve Jobs. 
I'm on an iPhone 6+ with AT&T. Now it makes me think there is an AT&T issue going on. 
Actually this is a cluster ...    I am an affected user. However, its not Tim's fault that someone did a code push and it failed massively. It happens. It will keep happening. At least Apple will fix it right away.
Why is the answer to always blame Tim Cook. The CEO does not do code pushes. LMAO! Do people even think before they say this stuff?
Time and people's tastes are constantly changing. There may be a time again where that holds true. You can't hold SJ or Apple to that statement forever. When SJ said it he was right. However, now people do want big phones. So Apple will make big phones.
New Posts  All Forums: