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Spotify pays the artists more money.    Spoitfy pays rights holders 70% of revenues and Apple Music only pays 58% of revenues. 
Apple hasn't and there really isn't much else to be had TBQH. I think Apple needs to go ahead and officially add phone calling to the iPad and and AppleWatch. Many will still opt for the phone over the iPad and AppleWatch but why give a competitor any perceived functional advantage. 
They weren't realistic for the time period people were in. However, going forward they will be more than sufficient for most people's uses. It just takes time for the hardware/software to be built up enough for the iPad much like the iPhone and every other new device that hits the market. The iPhone should technically be able to function as a wallet of sorts. I know many people do don't even buy computers anymore because for their uses a smartphone is plenty.
nope.... The smartphone market is arguably vastly larger than the luxury watch market and maybe the watch market as a whole.I would argue that Apple is expanding the overall watch market by leaps and bounds. In that scenario your guesses likely wouldnt hold up very well. And id argue that the smartwatch is a different category than a luxury watch. However the smartwatch does have crossover if its stylish there will be people who wont leave home without their watch... It...
that reminds me of when I first held an iPad. I was able to stroll in at 1pm on launch day in Dallas Tx and pick one up.However the watch is different in that everyone already knows you can only order it online. Many people already tried it out. People gather around the other items because they can be purchased right in the store and they need help setting them up....etc. if the watch was in the store for purchase many more people would be trying them out. Apple grossly...
I think the reviews are holding Apple to a standard that other companies aren't held to with relation to their watches. Apple clearly has the best watch in the field without question. I'm not sure why they are held to a much higher standard than is realistic given the available options on the market. The same thing goes for The Verge review and that's partly why the reviewer got his own comments thrown back up in his face. His reviewing was biased and not based on the...
i was thinking the same thing after having the watch for a week. I think an Apple Watch bluetooth headphones and an iPad satisfies all my needs.
tell me what is expected? Also tell me are these quarterly numbers or in total since the iPhone 6's release
maybe not all iPhone 5 users dont need to upgrade every year like the hardcore 20% who are fans of Apple. Additionally, its not too big for peoples hands thats why its the best selling smartphone on the market.
I too think Apple need to focus on catching up to the demand they already have before launching somewhere else.
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