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Verifone is now encouraging it's merchants to turn on NFC payments. 
No they aren't. There is no incentive for a business to charge less than the market will allow a business to charge for a product. That 2-3% in CC fees is insurance in the case of fraud or a data breach. The 2-3% saved on CC fees will pay for bonuses and protect the business from any liability in the event they make a mistake and your personal information gets stolen and used for nefarious purposes.
I found a petition on the whitehouse.gov website ==> http://wh.gov/icbF5
and the other half use Android devices... yeah I dont see CurrentC and MCX working out. Between the privacy issues and the insecurity within the system. CurrentC may not ever get off the ground. They should probably just scrap it and get this story out of the news media. Every site I've seen reporting it has a gazillion comments with upset patrons griping. 
The people on the interwebs are pissed. MCX and more specifically CVS and Rite Aid has managed to do what no one could do is unite Android and iPhone fan bois and average consumers behind a single cause.
they never talk about ram. They talk about performance. That is what is important afterall. When a device makers device's performance is lousy they stress specs.
if they use a camera they will use an iPad. Apple shouldve known this. NFC antenna will be the most requested feature for next year. Apple knows they need to give people a reason to buy again
So are people going to need a data plan for a watch now? That's weird. 
Ugh ohhh the ram people will not be happy with this.
This worked well for me on three occasions. GNC didn't take ApplePay yet.
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