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I don't think it's anything. They always have concerts afterwards. Thats what this is. 
I hope so. Maybe I need to take some vacation days around the time these products are released and pitch a tent *looks down* oops too late.
Can I sign up for automatic shipments of new iOS devices?
I honestly don't think there was anything thought through it. I think it's just people grasping onto anything...
That won't stop anyone from trying.
Nope. Cable provider. Why do you need a cable provider skimming off the top? It makes the cost higher. 
Nike has tons of shirts that look like this one. I have a drawer packed full of them. I have muscle both on and off the camera. 
Give me Touch ID and 2G ram and NFC on some level and and and.... I'll be mostly set.
that is acceptable to me.
Right but thats altering someones personal device. That presents all kinds of legal challenges from another countries perspective. If Brazil doesnt want to participate in the internet, thats fine but that doesnt mean others shouldnt be allowed to. Again too much big government. Im a big government liberal but this imo is court overreach...They could make apple or msft wipe everyones computer of information they dont want people to have...like all that American IP Brazil...
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