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The technical and practical definitions of racism are one and the same!
Sure pay someone a truck load of money you can't use for anything because everything they do at this point will be used over at Apple to kill what's left of BB. This was a complete waste of resources. It's no wonder BB is going out of business.
Apple is wrong here but so is google. Its against the law to interfere with a business contract. Google was actively trying to do just that. 
We need to stop dumbing down the education of the students.... why underestimate them. They aren't stupid. When they want something they go for it. If it was a sport or some sort of singing and entertainment black people would be spending all their free time trying to be the best. Math and science??? eh... not so much. It's all about priorities. There is only room for a few stars. What happens if you aren't one?!
Go gettem' Jesse! I'm black and I haven't been promoted in over a week at my multibillion dollar media company working in software... It's not fair! 
You first. Real work for me is building an application not being a glorified data entry person.
Now those companies are using Google docs because its accessible everywhere. MSFT needs to stop trying to be a hardware company and be a software company. Google couldn't have been eating MSFT's lunch without servicing whatever major platforms it has to in order to do business. MSFT has a cash cow. MSFT should make that goose lay golden eggs wherever it can. If MSFT waits too long they won't get a chance because users will find work arounds and competitors will keep adding...
Apple could allow people to use javascript in their numbers...
Apple should compete here. Google Drive is where everyone is going. Apple has better security so I prefer it when I need my information to be secure.    Google wants to scan your data so they can take your ideas and make money off of them before you can. That is in addition to advertising. 
He may just have a different vision. Focus on what MSFT is good at and sell to anyone who will buy it. Apple is a hardware company first. MSFT is a software company first. 
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