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Thats not true at all. The iPhone 6 has a smaller footprint compared to my 5s. People need to factor in thinness.
They should've already jumped on the Apple Pay bandwagon. Why wait for people to patronize the competition? 
How many Apple watches have been pre-ordered? That's what people care to know besides iPhone sales. 
Well there you have it folks! Apple is slaying all expectations again.
How can the product be successful if they can't get it out to people. 
WOW! Hard to argue that Apple didn't drop the ball on this. How is only 22% of pre-orders fulfilled. I think Apple need to go back and re-assess how they managed this launch.
You know what they say... garbage in garbage out. The watch was released on Apr 10th. Not sure why it would be the focus for this quarterly report that ended in march. 
I have for monday.
swipe up to delete.
Yeah Safari hasn't been getting as much love and attention as it should. Where are Web Components and ES6 features? It feels like Apple is dragging it's feet. 
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