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Since it's ugly no one is going to use it. 
Uhhh ohh heads are going to explode.
That will make the app more expensive. Developers have to eat. People want everything for free until it's their work that has to be undervalued as a result. I'd do it but I'd also have to raise the price of the app to cover the cost. So basically people who don't have families will have to redistribute their income to those who do have families...I guess we already do that here in the US. Same sh**** different day.
Nevermind. LOL!
This pretty much blew my mind. Apple definitely did this big!!!! I am thrilled and excited to play with swift and the new OSX and iOS 8 this weekend.
 Try Beats music. Its actually better than Spotify. Spotify search is not good. I get alot of results that are legitimate covers and I also get karaoke tracks and random users who name stuff the same so people will listen to it etc... Every so often it turns the offline feature off. On more than one occasion when using Spotify i'd download music to my device one day and the next it would no longer be there. I was not a happy camper. I tried Beats music and it has been very...
Are you really this ignorant?
Then maybe it makes sense to wait and see what they have planned first. This deal didn't start overnight. They've probably been working on this for months. 
It depends on what you think the future prospects are for Apple...
Interesting words coming from you... at least try to be a little less obvious about your bigotry.  Have you been to an Apple store anytime within the last several years? I'm guessing you buy all of your Apple products online. Otherwise you'd know that Apple has beats headphones all over the freaking displays in their stores. 
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