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Told ya so.....
A quiet launch makes sense since the supply is severely constrained.
on my Air Ive had no trouble at all thus far. I have 9 tabs open.
the 5:30am announcement thing is just a guess. However the Apple spokeswoman declined to comment rather than say the media is wrong flat out.
http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2013/11/11/apple-support-site-retina-ipad-mini-coming-nov-12/ Apple's spokeswoman has declined to comment. This may very well be true.
maybe thats the point. Lining up only to come up short handed is a bad customer experience.
their article is well sourced.
Yes sireee. Macrumors.com
Apple is a hardware company first and software company second.
sorry but duck duck go and google are better than bing. Im not using google inside a msft wrapper.
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