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Why is that Angela's fault? She just started in September. The MacBook has likely been in development for quite some time now. You can't blame her because there is greater demand than anyone in their right mind could possibly anticipate. Apple usually only sells 4-5 million in Macs combined in total over a 3 month period let alone 50k in the first weekend. Apple has sold out of retina MacBook Pros and the 5k iMac previously and no one said a word about it. Now that a woman...
How can the launch be botched by her if she is working with zero inventory? You sound crazy. 
Angela is doing a fine job. I think she is being paid too little for handling this situation. If this is how she starts I am very excited for how she works going forward. She's brilliant amazing woman. The video proves she's the type of person that I would go to the ends of the earth to please.   Two weeks ago no one was here for the watch and couldn't justify the cost. Now that its a hit and is in short supply people are blaming Angela for a successful Apple Watch...
What does my point have to do with communism? I don't like the optics of what Apple has done here. Get a grip. If you don't like free speech and expression,  you can go live in China where everything is censored OR you can simply ignore my posts which is as much your right as my opinion is my right. Apple doens't need you to be shill for them. They are the most profitable company in the world and they already have shills on the payroll. 
What Apple marketing? Apple had already sold a ton of watches. People who can't be swayed simply wont want it regardless if Beyonce wears a 17k+ watch or not. I'm slightly offended that they would be reinforcing the rich vs not rich stuff. I quite liked that celebrities would have to get in line at the Apple store to get an iPhone like everyone else. 
Rich people get more stuff free than the rest of us can afford. Something is wrong with that. I don't like the optics of it....especially coming from a company like Apple who prides itself on social responsibility and what not....and yes I have already purchased an Apple Watch. 
Nope. Do not want. FM radio can stay dead. They are all owned by the same company anyway. They just want to push advertising to me. No thanks. Maybe if I was like 40 I would want FM radio back but no ma'am.
Obama needs to stop enabling the NSA to invade our privacy and curtail our constitutional rights. 
OMG!!! I am in love with this machine. It is awesome. Typing is a breeze. The keyboard is actually a HUGE step up. I am much more accurate etc you name it. This machine is also fast and responsive. I am having a blast with it so far.
Apple should've just released a statement so people know about it. What's with all this internal memo crap. Just make a statement. 
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