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You guys are a mess. I saw the watch and it is beautiful.
Accept he is right. They even hinted at this several weeks ago. I received an email from Apple saying I should favorite my favorite watches to ensure they would be available for me to purchase when pre-orders became live. This was the only reason I favorited the watches I liked to begin with. I never favorited anything on their site before. 
I just don't know why you'd line up for something you can only buy online? 
I'm a fan of Apple products but I must declare iTunes is a DOG. It's not that bad but it could be so much better.
The macs also have slow shipping times. Mine is not set to arrive until 4/22. 
I was able to get through at 3:03am and get the SS Milanese watch.    4/24-5/8
Yeah. I think this is also something to consider the type of crime that was committed. If it's an honesty type crime it may be more concerning than a low level crime like drinking or a fight or something like that....
Except that minorities are often labeled felons even when they are not regardless of the evidence presented before them. This has always been a fact. Apple should be worried about everyone not just those who have a conviction on their record. Look at those who crashed the stock markets in 08. None of them were charged by even the Obama administration. 
As if businesses and individuals never use their money to further their own agendas and interests. Far fetched indeed.
The point is that you do you. Stop telling other people how they should do them. It's really none of your business what others are doing. It's not your place to criticize them just like it isn't anyone's place to criticize you for practicing your religion. That's the point. Live and let live. People over religion. 
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