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Apples stock price went up $11 since this deal was announced. We should fire you. 
I don't hold much stock in names. 
The point is that NeXT was an expensive purchase. BEATS is not an expensive purchase. It's already paid for itself as the stock price went up 11 bucks which translates into billions of dollars for apple. 
I prefer bass heavy headphones. So given the reviews I may check out a pair. Now I will have a pair of Bose for at the gym and a pair for elsewhere. After trying out beats streaming service I actually prefer it to Spotify. 
You know who you are dealing with... 
- Profitable company- Sells expensive headphones people are willing to buy in large quantities- Streaming service- Content creator connections- Previous work history with the people involved- A way to add value by getting people to use Apple related products on other platforms- Apple can get far more favorable pricing on components than Beats alone. So there is a clear path for Apple to significantly improve upon the quality of the headphones. If acquiring an already...
Helpful hint:  Never believe anything Apple has said in the past. It's in the past and may not be relevant in the future. 
facts and figures dont matter to people whos opinions are colored by their racism. Remember ignorance is the corner stone of racism. Facts wont matter.
That is a good point. However, google and spotify pay out royalties. However, having iTunes sponsored albums or Beats music label or something sounds interesting. I don't quite understand the logic here but you make some very good points. Apple's core competency isn't within the music/entertainment industry itself.
You are surprising me... I was expecting to read something different from you. LOL!
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