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The LA School district is shaming Apple publicly. Had they come to Apple in private I would've negotiated something. However now, I'd probably make them go to court to get a judgement. In actuality, LA School district needs to own the fact that they didn't do their homework on the terms of the deal... maybe they should've tested it out first before going all in on this deal. You'd think educators should know better. However, they aren't the brightest of the bunch and are...
LUG is such a strong word considering you can now charge your mac with a simple battery pack like you would an iPhone or an iPad. Secondly the power cable is much smaller and the multiport dongle is not being LUGGED... It weights nothing at all. Many people won't use it when you need it you can use it. It's better to be extensible than to have to build every port for everything that could possibly happen even if it doens't happen that often.
google it. Quanta has been struggling to get their yields above 50% on Apple products. They are also the suppliers ofthe retina macbooks.
Welp! there you have it.
No one yet... The numbers arent official yet. Secondly they probably said it to get people to sell their shares at a cheaper rate...
Or they were purchasing for other people. I know I was approached for purchasing a watch for some of my friends but I told them no flat out. I'm sure a husband and wife couple may want to try the watch. 
Quanta computers wasnt able to deliver the goods on time... it was the same with the watches. Apple will likely need to find a new supplier. 
WOW! those are solid numbers. I wasn't expecting but 300-500k TBQH...
With Rolex and other luxury watches you are paying for a name and nothing more. It has literally no utility at all. I will say that Rolex with the silver and orange like color looks pretty nice and usually I don't like Rolex watches. 
Apple already allows sex (both gay and straight), fetish and dating apps on their platform.
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