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And a gorgeous display. However, it is a v1.0 device. Maybe Apple will make improvements to the next one. It appears they will have to at least in terms of durability. I'm going to need Apple to step up their game a bit. They use to have the best phones without a doubt but now the phones are just barely keeping up and riding off the coat tails of having the Apple stores and the developer ecosystem in place. 
The Note 3 doesn't bend under any amount of pressure that could've resulted from putting it in your pants pocket.
I'm probably going to return my iPhone 6+ tomorrow and get the iPhone 6 instead. 
The 10x6 inch version
I have hotter holes... 
Apple is going to get some heat for this now.
Seems like a lot of work just to use a phablet. Maybe just get a reasonably sized phone and lose all the extras is the right answer here.
LMAO! You are wrong for that. ROTFL!
I put my phone in my pants pocket and it didn't bend. I'm not sure what other people are doing to force their phones into bending. 
LMAO you guys are slaying me!
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