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not so fast tiger. You still need google for search. However duck duck go should be made an option.
I guess they prematurely fired the maps guy....
iCloud has been far and away more secure than googles offerings but I do use both.
ummm they did have a beta phase.
Why? It makes it easier to find ipads you want in your area? Apple shouldve built this site themselves.
Why else would the name the iPad the iPad Air.... Prolly because they have plans to use the iPad name for something else. I dont need a rumor to tell me the obvious.
Amazon Fire HDX is more closed than iOS. I like Amazon and buy stuff from them but not their Amazon buying device otherwise known as the Amazon kiosk. Im still wondering why Apple elected not to use the best display tech around.
Apple is charging a significant premium over the other devices...i wonder why Apple went with IGZO and not something more power efficient like the LPTS.
Yes based on the price. However the statistics show samsung users dont like their devices enough to actually use them.
Clearly this is a swipe at Android. Google shouldve been doing what FF is honestly.
New Posts  All Forums: