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Huh? How is Apple going to know its a problem if no one uses the software. It should've gone through the normal Apple developer process for iOS and OS X releases. They didn't do that. Instead they unleashed software on people Apple didn't even test with developers who want to test with it. I mean sheesh. The blame lies squarely on Apple.... well today CrApple. They didn't address the widespread bend debacle and they didn't even offer up an Apple sponsored fix for iOS...
and I will let them and others know about it. This shouldnt have happend they didnt even send it for beta testing with developers first. Apple owns this screw up.
Apple normally sends these releases to devs for beta testing first.
Hello... I don't want anyone fired. I just want the issue fixed. 
I'm holding down the command key and clicking. It's the option/alt key not the command key. But now there is another issue. I can't even update it to the iOS 8.0.1 that worked because they shut everything off. You don't have to shut off the iTunes update because the OTA Update didn't work.... or is their system tied up in such a way that there is a dependency there.   That really is an #APPLEFAIL. I'm happy to be a beta tester when I sign up for it. However, this wasn't...
Won't work. It keeps saying iOS 8.0.1 is the current update. Then if I try to do a restore it says some of my apps and media I will have to repurchase if I want to have them back.
It was always an issue with large screened metal phones. No one was buying them in any kind of notable quantities until this year. 
Guys lets keep a cool head here. Yes Apple messed up but no need to lose it. Apple will fix this in a timely manner. Apple does need to make sure to cross their ts and dot their eyes. Full QA all the time. These are phones. This isn't some android experiment.
I work in tech. My Dad and Mom both worked for the pentagon....and my sister also served in the ME. Im fully aware of accountability and responsibility. Its one thing to say Apple screwed up and needs to fix it. Its another to say
Its a guilty conscience. No worries Apple. 
New Posts  All Forums: