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i hear that from people who cant find a real use. However many justify the ipad so they dont need to own an iphone.
why wouldnt they have it to get maximum adoption? If you add TID then why not the whole kit n kaboodle.
Scratchy slate...ew...i prefer the gun metal color they are using now.
I would like an iRing.
I would not pay hundreds of dollars for a Samsung anything. They don't have the infrastructure to support it.
They'll have to buy one each year just to get any kind of tech support. 
Nothing was stoping other countries from offering incentives for companies to do business in their country. 
That's not a holistic picture. If you have lower income you are likely to have lower debt as well per capita. Everyone knows that. Nevermind that several of the countries on that list defaulted on their debt... Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain.... 
IOS 8 is not for an old phone like the 4s.
Have you seen the new apple store app and xcode6?
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