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Try to keep up.
This is just retaliation against Google for going up against the SOPA act. Apple should decline to get involved. The federal government doesn't have a right to my private information.
Exactly. Just return the phone within the 2 weeks as per Apple's return policy. Why are people wasting the court's time with this.
Jury? If it even gets that far. Apple made more than an effort to let everyone know that Siri was beta. Secondly, he can just return the fuckin phone within the return period like most unsatisfied customers do.
I'm skeptical of Android's market share because I see shipments and not actual sales of the devices.
Mine has said preparing to ship for quite awhile now. I ordered mine upon announcement. I guess Apple hates me because I'm loyal and bought everyone in my family an IPad 2.
How about it's just an iPad. Ya know like the MBA is an MBA no matter what version it is.
I ordered mine upon announcement and my order is still processing...but it says delivered on March 16th.
Yes you just did. You don't know what their supply constraints are. They are releasing in more countries than they ever had before.
Mine is still processing. Ugh!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: