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Those Ads are terrible. Apple needs another visionary. Tim should stick to being the operations guy. 
So how do you replicate the finger print push? Maybe a finger print in combination with a password might be the way to go.
I hope Apple keeps Safari for Windows. They shouldn't leave a market unserved. 
What is compelling about ML?
One would think that Google shouldn't have to lobby for that. 
Excellent post. I don't know why apple doesn't just accept payment for their stuff rather than injunctions. That's crazy to waste billions in court when they can make billions more out of court.
I don't like Google being able to buy out all of their competition. I don't want one company to have everything. Google should just make their chat client the best one out there instead of trying to buy their growth.
Google docs work just fine. So does iWork. I havent done anything that required macros in ages. Apple really should try javascript macros in Numbers. They'd win alot of converts with something like that. 
I simply wouldn't do it. It's not like the people in the UK won't simply scalp for the devices anyway. 
They need to just charge people for data. They just want to get more fees than their service is worth. That's what it sounds like. 
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