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I think this is a failed analogy. I can site a zillion other reasons that grade and high school education should not be left to the private sector. There is always an incentive to give the least amount of service for the most amount of money. That alone makes for a bad idea. Simply governing less is the simpletons solution to solving problems when our problems are far and away more complex than telling the government not to govern.
Maybe that will mean better service by att
flash isn't that important to people who want Theo ad that is the bottom line. If flash is a priority for you then you simply don't purchase iOS products and keep it movin'.
That's not necessarily true. People get in trouble for scalping tickets all the time.
How can a device be Post PC but it needs a PC to be activated.
That's not true. The Knox street store in Dallas dent take cash. Several places I go to in NYC don't take cash either.
Does that cover the writers, the IOS devs, the management?
The Apple Store is also a way to sell and provide good customer service. Where do I go when something goes wrong with my Xoom or I need help with native Android apps?
bits tongue so hard that it bleeds!
I was just about to inform the obviously uninformed and not even curious. SJ is a huge fan of the NYT fyi. I will keep my thoughts on NYT subscription model to myself.
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