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I'm a liberal and I hate unions as much as many conservatives do.
I thought Eric was replaced already.
Spooning is nice and preferably with another man!
I agree. I so agree. when you need streaming music you will have to pay a fortune in data charges if you aren't on wifi.
yeah but you have to take the good with the bad. When they are singing Apple's praises people gripe and not people are griping when they aren't singing Apple's praises. Bottom line: it all evens out!
For me it's a loss of a sale. There is no other reason to buy another iphone until I hear a compelling reason to buy it. The whole speed bump thing works great if you are releasing 18 phones/yr but since they are releasing one per year... It's kinda well...NO! People have to earn my dollars and not expect me to just give it to them simply for releasing a product.
The search in Itunes is abominable.
I agree that it's better to be better than it is to be first.
My statement was about not having an interest in buying another Iphone until the NFC chip is put in....over the air updates for IOS and an overhaul of Itunes would be nice while they are at it.
Yep exactly. That's exactly how apple should handle it. Have all their ducks in a row before they speak. Usually when Steve speaks off the cuff it turns into a PR nightmare.
New Posts  All Forums: