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You and I were thinking the exact same thing. Why not just cut off the cord?! Why should I be tethered to a cord?
Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
I guess the rumors were right! I am so glad because I was almost going to purchase the 3G Ipad 2 and I may still... maybe someone can tell me is a 3G Ipad going to be faster than using HotSpot on my Iphone for internet.
I guess the rumors were right!
I don't understand why you all expect Google to update these things and expect not to have crap ware when the stuff you are getting is free or low cost. I just don't think it's logical to expect companies to cater to you if they can't make any money off of you in anyway. Put simply: There is no free lunch. Everything comes with a cost.
Actually you are wrong. HTML5 is HTML, Javascript, CSS3, and several other technologies.
Maybe it just doesn't make business sense for them to do it.
Coda, TextMate and others all support HTML 5 editing just fine.
Rumors get old fast when there's an Ipad launch less than a day away.
I saw these last night.
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