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Congress is wasting time on bull shit when people are still out of work.
No that's stupid. What computer doesn't have someone's personal information on it. Next thing you know browsers like Mozilla are going to be sued because they store the history of where you went on the internet.
Yep the truth is most people don't mind Google tracking everything they are doing as long as they can do it. That's a fair point.
Yep I agree with this. I think it's a good gamble by Google. I wonder how much people are willing ot have google tracking everything they do and say.
I'm not so sure especially if the licensees were not obtained from the record company as this article states.
On a laptop people expect a complete OS not a browser. They really should've just focused on Android. Google is just throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks at this point.
I got that hence my last sentence that being open goes a long way in making it a standard.
I actually read what you wrote.Again the question is, why not make it open before getting everyone's hopes up? If you don't promise anything than no one will expect it. Apple needs to do a better job with expectations as it relates to openness and standards. Making something open goes a long way in making it a standard.
Why not make it open first and then announce that it is open?
Steve Ballmer is going to get put out as CEO. The investors hated this deal for a number of reasons. Here
New Posts  All Forums: