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i want a new 13" MBA
I will be getting my Nexus 7 next week. 
Ok sounds good. I want to try it out. 
I think 16:9 is the perfect ratio for a 7 inch tablet but it's terrible for a 10 inch tablet. 
Im sorry but aside from the iPad I like the Nexus 7. The surface isn't even on my radar at this point but the keyboard case idea was almost clever if it weren't for the fact that someone is doing it already for the iPad.
I simply don't see how NFC can work ATM. 
You loose all credibility with me for this nutty post. 
Ummm IOS 6 will have face time over Cellular.
Can you elaborate? More advanced how?
You're embarrassing the rest of us by showing your lack of education in this post.  
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