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What makes you guys so sure they are giving you the finger? For all we know they could be lumping these updates with the release of the Apple TV that's coming down the pipelines. It's best to just be patient and see. Are people really clam morning to spend another 8k in just three years time on a desktop? Really?
Debating between this and an updated 13" MBA. Retina display is the only thing I would want from the new MBP in my MBA. I buy a new computer every 2 years anyway. So... may just get an 11" or 13" MBA. 
I get it. It's completely ridiculous just like the people trying to find this story.
So let me get this straight. Apple insider posts what amounts to troll bait and has a problem with people responding in kind. I think the users should be allowed to opt out of political advertisements. 
I can't hate Samsung for this.
I was thinking the same thing.
Exactly. They are trying to get some of that 100 billion.
They need to throw this case out. People are just being allowed to sue for the sake of suing and costing people money. I'm sure Apple factors in the cost of litigation into their products. It takes away from employee salaries and from the consumer having to defend all these frivolous law suits or law suits without any merit. 
It may make more sense to release the new MBA and price the old ones at a lower price than they were before. 
Dont' believe it. Apple is more likely to add more features to justify the $999 price point. They aren't going lower than that. They might as well get an iPad at the $799 price point. Now people want a 8" macbook air. *rolls eyes*
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