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Ewww no! Blu-ray is YUCK!
That would be hot actually. I would totally have to have that on my phone.
Maybe Steve Jobs doesn't give a flying ..... about the politics of the British if it's not harming his business. Why does he even need to get involved in that?
The truth is you don't know what Steve J would've said. That's the bottom line.
Not to be a hater but...what odes this have to do with the article?
AT 5 or 10% market share, it's just not worth it.
The new MBP's should've been thunderbolt only to begin with. Why bother with an upgrade that's barely an upgrade or at least give some people the option to go without the messy optical disks and slow USB 2/3. Wouldn't it have been smarter to roll out their on connectors and what not along with the new MBP but keep the MBP simple and really spur some computer sales. I sure wish my MBA would've had thunderbolt tech but I will get one with it later this year if they decide to...
Same here
Definitely interested in Lion!
People keep saying Ipad 3 but it's going to be a big Ipod Touch. Apple focuses on Ipod Touch in September so they are likely doing that mid-size Ipad Touch. That's how they will get the retina display at a somewhat affordable price. Its either this or they are just flat out lying. Is there a way to get rid of the ipad glare?
New Posts  All Forums: