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bits tongue so hard that it bleeds!
I was just about to inform the obviously uninformed and not even curious. SJ is a huge fan of the NYT fyi. I will keep my thoughts on NYT subscription model to myself.
I'd consult a lawyer related to that type of law and see what he tells you.
Not necessarily if all the chinese in the line were scalping or were believed to be scalping. That's racist. Stating the facts is not racist.
I am going to go in the am and see all these thousands of people who are waiting in line.
I think the best solution is to sell the Ipad internationally on the first day. That will give scalpers more options while making it harder to scalp.
No they won't. If I was a scalper why would I go to Canada to wait inline for an Ipad when I can do that right here in the US? It doesn't make any sense. You assume that Apple Stores won't get any more Ipads ever. Apple has shipments of Ipads coming in every day.
It is until the Ipad is released in other countries. Once it's released in other countries it's much harder to scalp because people in those other countries how have access via their own stores. Don't expect a drove of US citizens in Canada to buy out supply of Ipads when they can wait inline at the store here in the US overnight and do the same thing. The other thing one should keep in mind is that the more scalping that goes on in the US which inflates the demand in the...
That would only hold if people in the US were still unable to get ahold of the Ipad while people in Canada were able to get ahold of the Ipad. Try again.
Yes he/she is. There is no racism in describing people. I can't be descriptive because I might offend someone.
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