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In the garbage where cheap crap ware belongs.
Maybe apple will finally build their own Search Engine as well.
I used Linux for several years myself even went to meet Richard stallman at an event he was speaking at. The guy is kind of a douche with a Jesus like complex about himself with the bare feet and all. The bottom line is you aren't anymore qualified to speak on open source than anyone else on this message board or not on this message board.I just love how hypocritical it shows google to be. They only licensed Android to a few business partners while everyone just gets the...
Google doesn't want other developers contributing to honeyomb. Google knows best.
Actually it didn't prove or substantiate anything you said.
Ithink you need a reality check. Open means people can take the code as is and do what they wish...pooh wait you can only do what google wants you do to with it and when they want you to do it. No wonder motorolla said it was developing it's own platform.
Who is arguing tha apple isn't closed in some ways? No one. Next!
Open is the new closed!
Are you saying that they are suing over people using a playlist. Trivial lawsuits like this hurt innovation.
I don't like patent trolling. He should've sued when the products were first introduced now years and years later after they've been proven to be successful.
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