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Where's the like button n this thing?
This may push people over the edge to Verizon. AT&T is typically better at data especially 3G data but Verizon has better 4G coverage than AT&T and they are more reasonable with their terms. AT&T needs to spend less on advertising and more on infrastructure. I wonder if they can be shamed into offering tethering. Verizon's 4G isn't even slow enough to matter when we are talking 18-20mbps.
So basically Amazon had been anti competitive. In comes Apple to save the day. Now Apple anti competitive because they let the publisher's set the price of their own books. The agency model is how it should always have been. Before I started working in a publishing company I had no idea what was going on. The DOJ needs to do more research on this issue. I am actually shocked they didn't bring a similar law suit against Amazon several years ago.
I can't tell you how many times I have bought directly from the publisher thanks to Apple. I never buy books from Amazon anymore. Hell I don't even buy them from iBooks. I just go to the publisher's website and have a party.
The bottom line is that people will be more inclined to buy books from amazon than directly from the publisher if Amazon can set the prices at whatever they want to. How is that not the height of anti competitive? Apple allowing book publishers to set their own prices for their own material is now collusion. Case is a waste of resources.
They need to have additional infrastructure in place so things can run smoothly. They know they are going to get a certain amount of traffic when they hold one of these events.
I was able to order mine without much hassle once the site was up. It delivers 3/16.
Well I can't even get to the site to buy it. So...
Mr prediction: It will look the same as iPad 2 with a bigger battery life and additional RAM maybe Siri will be added on and they will promise some software updates.
Ohhh please! :roll eyes: If it weren't for AT&T there might not even be an iPad.
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