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That was almost too easy. Surely the poster could've thought of this ohh so obvious argument himself.
That about sums it up. Thumbs Up!
I want a wider and longer "4inch" display completely redesigned casing. It just looks like they stretched the length out to say ohhh well its 4 inches. Just seems like a like they tried to shoe horn in the "4 inch height of the screen rather than simply make it wider and longer. Smaller isn't always better. I really want to have a new and significantly different iphone. 
they have connectors for that supposedly in case you didn't get the memo.
The design is not good. It doesn't look like a 4" screen at all. I was hoping for a 16:9 4" screen... Apple really isn't interested in giving people what they want. Sometimes you have to bend to the will of the consumer. It sure woud've been nice to have a big screen iPhone.
Don't don't don't believe the hype!
Those Ads are terrible. Apple needs another visionary. Tim should stick to being the operations guy. 
So how do you replicate the finger print push? Maybe a finger print in combination with a password might be the way to go.
I hope Apple keeps Safari for Windows. They shouldn't leave a market unserved. 
What is compelling about ML?
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