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Proview is trying to get paid twice for the same thing. They need to be thrown out of court. Could you imagine if every company had to pay the subsidiary of a company one price and then you had to go in and pay the parent company more money. That's crazy!!!! Proview is nothing but a bunch of grifters trying to get rich quick.
I smell a law suit
I don't understand why Apple doesn't just pay the money to use the name.
Wow sounds great!
They need a like button.
I'm sure it's based on sell through. The average apple store sells way more Apple stuff and Apple doesn't have to give up any of the profits. But I'm sure Tim Cook takes into consideration the sell-through rates. He didn't get to where he is by being stupid. Apple sells out of their hottest products very quickly. This whole thing is just something else to gripe at apple about. Why be only a mac reseller? I know the resellers here in NYC sell PC stuff too. They don't just...
People are being ridiculous. Of course Apple is going to stock its own stores first and then everyone else will get the overflow. Duhhh! Common sense would tell these resellers that. They should be thankful Apple is allowing them to sell and make a profit off of their products at all. It's not logical to expect anything else. If they don't like the agreement, well they don't have to sell Apple's products. Apple is basically giving up their profits so these resellers can...
That's a good point. Think of the money that could be brought in from the retail stores.
I was with you until the very last sentence. Regulationsn exist for many consumer protection reasons. If you don't have some baseline standard that protects consumers from predatory corporations, you will have a large segment of people afraid to spend their cash and adoption of new technology would be much lower lowering both productivity and wealth.
Protectionism works in China but long term it fails and it would fail in the short run too if the US retaliated against China.
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