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And if he did he wouldn't him trading the stock be insider trading. I know several people who switched to Android and ultimately ended up with iPhones again.
If ATTs service was worthwhile, they wouldn't need exclusive phones and millions in advertising. How about spending 150mil on your network.
I'd rather have the android.
That would make me more determined to get rid of the sim. They are trying to lock people into shitty take what I give you deals when it comes to phone service.
apple needs to progress. They shouldn't let carriers stop them. This is actually a good post.
They should do away with the sims. Sim cards are a way for people like Nokia to make other hardware vendors dependent on their ip. Nokia will try to use FRAND as a defense to legitimate claims of infringement. Sims are also a way for carriers to lock down devices so consumers have to pay lots of money to switch carriers on the spot when the service is unsatisfactory.
Lol at everyone jumping on the bandwagon. I think this is a step up from the last UI design of Apple TV.
The bigger the remote the more power it feels like you have to some people. Bigger is better when it comes to penis size not phone size. Fan droids are compensating to smaller body parts.
Now I'm getting between 25 - 49mbps down
That doesn't make any sense. It's really noticeable because you noticed it.
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