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I can't say we haven't been here before.
It's not 100% gone from any phone. So why would you expect them to confirm that?
I never said that. You did and you even sited failures like FireWire while trying to be snarky and sarcastic. \ The point I was making is that some of the moves they make ala facetime seem to go against their end goal...sometimes it seems as if it's deliberately to keep other vendors from trying to use their software.
All great questions. Apple does tend to find a way to sabotage the adoption of stuff it claims it wants to be open standards.
You are assuming that she has the top of the line phone plan and that she doesn't already have minutes built up.
This is great! I think it's combination of business and respect even if everyone at googlesung doesn't have respect for SJ.
Given Jobs' track record I would have to respectfully disagree. Plus you didn't even point out why he's a bad fit. Clearly the Apple Stock has been doing well since he's been on the board. So why would they get rid of board members who are doing a good job for their investors?
I personally met Stallman. I could've told you he's the worlds biggest jerk!
This man is nuts. Apple has made it easy for people to watch movies via iTunes. Additionally, Apple has carefully curated a demographic that is willing to spend the money on movies where as other platforms do not have an audience who is proven to spend the amount of money Apple customers will for a given product. \ If they don't want my business I'm happy to spend my money elsewhere.
Wow this is sad news. So sad news.
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