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My prediction of 3-4 million was right!
Wow! This is insane.
I activated an AT&T iPad just to test it against the Verizon one right before I took it back to the store
Can you point me to the article on 9to5mac that says AT&T has faster LTE than Verizon? I haven't been able to verify that.
Are people really getting 40-50m down with AT&T's service? I can't seem to get that if I begged. I was struggling to get 9 or 10 with AT&T but with Verizon I was getting 29 down and 20 up...
Apple probably sold 3-4 million this weekend.
this makes perfectly good sense.
I'd just go to the Apple store and pick one up and cancel my online order if I had to wait unitl 4/11.
Again this is an issue of expectations. They actually held up the delivery and then couldn't make it by the due date. That's a problem. They even listed a delivery time. It's bad customer service to miss a deadline. People had every right to point it out with out being the target of misguided psyco analysis, insults and personal attacks. That's the bottom line.
They want you to buy the $80 a month subscription plan so you can make it rain on them every month on schedule.
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