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Hit me up when someone patents a rectangle for a computer device.
These patents never should've been awarded to begin with.
Me too.
I think the right answer is the apple answer. Limited choices is the way to go here. No two ways about it. Unlimited choices offers up too much and isn't even a great business strategy. You want limited choices without being too limited. Limiting choices shouldn't affect the overall user experience negatively and nor should the openness affect the user experience negatively. Its not going to play out because time and time again it's been shown that a balance of limited...
That sounds about right to me.
Bono pointed out how Steve Jobs through Apple was able to inspire other large corporations to donate time and money to charitable causes. The article was in poor taste.
No one is criticizing Bill Gates now. Nor should they have been ever as it relates to his charitable contributions.
Steve Jobs has done plenty for charity. That's the bottom line. You missed the point. It's none of your business how much that man is giving or not giving to charity and through what channels he chooses to give it. Worry about what you are doing. That's the point. Not everyone needs to broadcast the millions and billions they are giving to charity. Not everyone needs to be or wants to be recognized for their charity. Not everyone needs to be praised for simply doing the...
Then he can have to credibility.
That almost exactly how I saw this particular accusation by Apple. It seems like a valid claim to me.
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