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Sorry but VT's are before my time. *snicker*
Sorry so used to people bashing Apple for no reason and got carried away. LOL!
What news?
That's not true at all. Apple built a tablet device before Google's BlackBerry knock-offs and up until Apple got into the phone business. Additionally, I don't know about anyone else here but I consider the Ipod to be a portable device. In every other market google is in other than search they were always nothing more than the avoid if you can alternative.
I am interested in Thunderbolt!
People should be reading the story and not just the headline. And the FTC should be investigating apple or it's in app purchases program that forces companies to offer up the same price to ios users that they offer up through other channels never mind the investment involved in supporting iOS.
Apple is down because of their subscription plan.
I'm thinking the Ipad 3 release in September is possibly the 6/7 inch Ipad Touch that was rumored earlier.
I'm sure Apple's logic is... if it's unannounced how can it be delayed?
Sounds like sour grapes.
New Posts  All Forums: