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Please it is a childish concept. This company is using apples intellectual property to make money when they haven't paid for use of the iPhone label from apple to begin with. That's a scam
Nook color is definitely closer to a Kindle Fire than an iPad. If they consider Amazon's Fire a tablet so is the Nook in color. I know they do this stuff to create hype for a product that has high visibility in the news so people will read the catchy head line and send the fanbois into a frenzy generating ad rev for their website.
All of my colleagues at work rushed to get Kindle Fires amid the hype back in October and November. Most have returned them at this point and all you see are iPads at this point.
      Im sorry but most of those schools you listed are crappy schools. Apple is thinking Texas A&M, UT, San Antonio College, & UT Arlington maybe Rice, SMU, & TCU to get their talent. Maybe now is a good time for me to join Apple. Ive got the resume for it. 
I like texas and miss the wonderful weather. They don't have subways and infrastructure like NYC does and collect no taxes to support themselves. For all the succession talk down there, Texas is one of the largest if not the largest welfare state in the country. No thanks.
Anti Business practices....WTF? They are arguing over how much money the state is going to spend to help Apple build the facility. That is not about anti business practices. This is about Apple wanting corporate welfare when they have 100 billion in the bank. They should be building their own facility with their own funds. Texas doesn't have the money to be giving Apple a handout. Texas is really the only other state besides the west coast and the cities on the northern...
I have AT&T in NYC and there LTE gives me 30-40 I sometimes get 40-50. It's consistently faster than Verizon.
I'm shocked that idiots are really using that photo as a way to discredit this guys design sense. You can't glean anything from a random photo that AI put on their site for effect.
It has everything to do with Amazon. If you can't see that it's best you don't comment on this matter until you inform yourself.
We are asking for the something with regards to Apple. Prosecutors shouldn't get to hold their evidence back so that defendants can't adequately defend themselves.
New Posts  All Forums: