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If Apple doesn't have Retina Display and LTE people are going to be killing themselves or maybe even burning Tim Cook at the stake.
It'll be available friday probably.
Please, this site doesn't pay for itself. People have to be able to stay in business. Ads help them to do that.
I want to like Chuck, but at a time when job creation should be at the top of the agenda we have Senators arguing over loop holes in code that Apple will fix with an update. I feel like sometimes this privacy stuff is more of a witch hunt for congress than anything else. I understand privacy is important but job creation is far and away more important. It makes no sense to waste the precious resources time and money on this when it's pretty obvious that these companies are...
I am a New Yorker and if this man has a opponent that isn't a Republican or Conservative I'm going to have to vote for them instead.
Why in the hell would I buy and LTE iPad when I can use any LTE smartphone to connect my iPad to in order to get internet?
I work with over 100 developers and that's exactly what we do at work. You need to be mobile in case you have to check something on the fly.
I don't see how this is a slide to unlock based on what is shown here.
I've got my 800 bucks ready.
Well I am waiting for my purchase until the new batch of MBAs come out. I really want a 13" MBA too.
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