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Apple should've just issued a press release and updated the website for this non-event.
That thing is a battery hog....returned after 3 days.
I don't know if redesigning the outside of the phone makes sense from a business standpoint when you have to do it every year. It would be a nice to have but for me it's not a make or break.
I have a phone with LTE also but it doesn't keep it's charge for more than 2-3 hours when using the LTE capability.
Pure capitalism is the freest market. I some what agree with your overall sentiment in this post but...government being hands off is free market. Government regulation in any way is anti free market no matter how you spin it. You need a balance of business and government involvement to keep the economy growing. China has struck that balance and it's a communist country.
There isn't even enough entry level engineers and programmers. I know companies that have been hiring for months and can't seem to get the positions filled in the US and yet I see people complain they can't find work. Well you have to tailor your skill set to the available jobs. You don't even need a college degree to get the jobs. You just need to be able to show you can do the work.
Please I get like a zillion companies a week hitting me up for jobs. They calling me all hours of the day trying to get me work with some company they are head hunting for. I know engineers and programmers must be in short supply because everyday I have a linked in mailbox full of recruiters asking me to work for their company.
What engineer do you know that makes only $4.00 an hr Apple does not hire people in the US to do manual labor. They hire people in the US who have brain power. Apparently, brain power is in short supply here in the US. This is why people remain out of work for extended periods of time instead of pulling themselves up by their boot straps.
The funny thing is that they would hire more people here in the US if only the citizens of the US were educated and qualified for the positions they would be offering them.
Well considering the fact that Obama is a constitutional lawyer, I would bet money that he knows that document inside and out...
New Posts  All Forums: