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Either way it takes more time to fall through. That's the bottom line.I just think you're discounting the bad side to silk and assuming amazon has done something to remedy the downsides of using silk when we don't know that. Saying something should be able to doesn't mean it is. It's wishful thinking.
What happens when I update the files on my site? Are the users going to be treated to the old site rather than the new stuff and I'm going to have a hellish trying to break the cache for amazon silk.
Wow! Im sorry. Ive never had a problem and i live in manhattan. Go to the genius bar.
I don't get all the hate for George Clooney.
I think the guy is wrong. I think Apple will be just fine when the ruling happens on this case. Simply connecting to the internet at all would be an infringement.
The thing already prints no app needed.
Ummm Ipads can print just fine thank you and without an app.
I send texts while I chat all of the time.
It does look promising.
I work with a ton of devs every day and most of us went out and bought 11" MBA's right away. I think only one person I saw at work with a 13" MBA.
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