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Where did I say anything about an either or? I said money spent in the USA should be used for people in the USA. I see so many things wrong right here in the USA. The US government can't afford to run itself, yet I see companies giving money to even more unstable and corrupt governments of Africa who have so many human rights violations going on (killing off gays, mistreatment of women & religious minorities) it's not even funny.
The people in the USA spend money that should go back into making the USA a better place to live...in this case through the finding of a cure for HIV. It's not the duty of the USA or companies in general to be funding countries in which we have no control over how the money is spent in said country. I think if people and companies like Apple put in the money for HIV research we'd find a cure....since there is not business motive for actually finding a cure and there is a...
I don't understand whats wrong with fighting aids right here in the United States?
I was going to buy this but I'm glad I waited. The developers here at work bought Kindle Fire and no less than half of them have already sent it back to Amazon.
At work Unions are more hassle then they are worth. I have to wait for a union guy to come and move my lap top and monitor from one desk to another. I can't just do it myself otherwise I'll get yelled at.It doesn't make sense or companies to higher more expensive and less educated people.
He's right though. Not Apple's responsibility and nor should they care. Instead of overtime the company (not Apple) should higher more people to work (instead of forced overtime) and address all of the concerns of the striking workers.
Bottom line... is all the reviews are saying the same thing... you get what you pay for.
Agreed on all counts.
There is no good reason to have a native email client on your tablet other than for offline storage but gmail and iCloud have that already.
Either way it takes more time to fall through. That's the bottom line.I just think you're discounting the bad side to silk and assuming amazon has done something to remedy the downsides of using silk when we don't know that. Saying something should be able to doesn't mean it is. It's wishful thinking.
New Posts  All Forums: