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Lol at everyone jumping on the bandwagon. I think this is a step up from the last UI design of Apple TV.
The bigger the remote the more power it feels like you have to some people. Bigger is better when it comes to penis size not phone size. Fan droids are compensating to smaller body parts.
Now I'm getting between 25 - 49mbps down
That doesn't make any sense. It's really noticeable because you noticed it.
The #1 defense to defamation is truth. This is why Foxconn won't sue.
Anyone around?
Do what works for you and quit putting others down for doing what works for them. No one cares that you choose to use old products. People were saying the same thing about iPad 2 that you are now saying.
Looks like I was right
My prediction of 3-4 million was right!
Wow! This is insane.
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