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Please if you can't afford it then you shouldn't be putting it on credit. The fact that you have to borrow to buy means you do not have the money. Who are you to tell someone what they need and don't need. If we were to go by that logic, I would argue laptops are a want product and that all most people really need is a decent tablet device. Just shut up now because you sound crazy.
That's stupid. So now people who choose not to rack up mounds of consumer debt shouldn't be allowed to buy anything. I JUST CAN'T! It doesn't even make sense from a business perspective for Apple. Credit cards are more expensive than debit cards for Apple. When people use debit cards the bank actually pays the fees on that transaction and not the vendor. Additionally, there is the issue of Apple could be screwed out of merchandise with a credit card transaction.
One stupid comment deserves another.
I think this may be an attempt to lower apple stocks so they can pick up some cheap shares. However, the Japan situation may cause Apple some problems. Apple has a supply problem. If they can't figure out a way to get Ipads into people's hands fast enough I think people may go to Xoom and these other tabs. They should've made sure they shipped at least 5 million to US stores at the outset.
They wouldn't get the Ipad2 even if it did have retina display. That crap about "I'm waiting for retina display" is a crock. What they really mean is "I don't want the Ipad2 and nothing is going to change that".
Apple should sell as much as it can as fast as they can. I really wish they would've shipped at least 3-4 million Ipads to stores for the opening weekend launch. People will line up for Ipads
I always thought webos was a good idea! Lets see if HP can execute. Its better to be late and good than to release an unfinished product.
I agree with those who say apple needs to upgrade iTunes seriously even if hey have to force people to the new version
apple is trying to do the subscription thing as well. There was an article on it several weeks back.
Lol now that's the dumbest suggestion ever. MSFT gave apple money because it didn't want to be broken up.
New Posts  All Forums: