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I disagree. This is a tablet competitor just like iPhone was for blackberry even though Apple said it wasn't targeting the BB market. It's the same scenario but the Amazon Kindle isn't as good as the iPad. Where as the iPhone was the best game in town when it arrived.
This is a tablet not a phone. Plus it's 2011. iOS had its own issues but it was the best game in town when it came out. Fire is not.
How is Apple almost getting there? It's not even close. It has higher prices than its competition and a much lower market share and is content to make it's money with a lower market share.
Sold! #apple faithful!
History says that Apple has gone back on what it has panned in the past. I would rather have a 7 inch version of the ipad personally.
But it's the truth. Why shouldn't it be reported. Granted this has nothing to do with sales. So in reality it's off topic.
Just take your phone back and quit gripping. Problem solved.
Wow! I can't even make this stuff up.
So in line here at the Apple Store. One of the employees just came out to make sure everyone is okay.
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