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iPad 2 is the second gen MBA all over again!
You'll get it and you'll love it! I'm very happy with my iPad 2 purchase. They will have more today anyway so go back to the store. Last time they told me they didn't have it and they called two days later and by then I had flown to Denver and gotten my iPad.
Even though it doesn't seem like it yet, the ipad2 is the second gen MBA all over again.
Ha! I was at that very store. I was number 17. I got there at like 10 am. One girl was worried they wouldn't have enough but the staff said they had plenty and apparently they did. These long blocks are insane and 14th street is much much smaller than 5th street. They must have sold a couple thousand of these things. Every kind of person was in line black white Muslim gay strait thug clean cut poor rich old young you name it.
Rotfl! Good point!
Apple got conservative with demand. They tend to be more conservative but it's better than over-shipping and have to send them back.
They said that same thing to me last time and I had one within a few days. I figured they had them they were just holding them back to make it appear as though they were selling out more than they were.
Ohhh well! I can't get mad at that.
Waaaaa! People do what they want.
Amazing! I got my iPad and the line was insane long.
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