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Why should I care? It has nothing to do with apple.
Are you kidding me? Dreamweaver is a big fat fail. Textmate, Coda, Komodo, Cappuccino and VIM work just fine and without all of the overhead that DW has associated with it. It's a ram hog and it's slow and crashes a lot. I need something fast and quick. DW only has like a couple of features that I would even want but the features aren't used often enough for them to matter at all. I use VIM, Textmate and Coda almost exclusively now with VIM being my favorite.
Amazon is a much bigger threat to Apple.
I like my iPad just fine thank you. I love reading on it. I like the fact that I can address multiple needs with my iPad. I don't see it as a mistake in the least bit. To each his own.
I remember when everyone was saying the iPhone is not a blackberry competitor. Now look where we are. Kindle Fire is an iPad competitor like all the other android tablets. Can the Kindle Fire read other books and do other content besides that which comes through Amazon?
*snicker* LOL!
Amazon is in the business of content and services. Apple is in the business of hardware. Amazon owns the android tablet space now. Google is not going to be able to compete with that. Amazon has got them by the balls. Amazon has a winner. It's the low end iPad.
4g phones don't exist yet. The lte phones that do exist however drain battery life in record time.
I don't know why people care what this person thinks. it's their job to find fault.
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