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#troll fail!
That's actually not true. There is no slave labor here. None of those people are being forced to work at those factories against their will...and they just got a pay raise if you had been following the news. I really don't care what the executives make as long as they pay their fair share of taxes and the shareholders don't mind giving their life savings to Apple execs.iPad = Samsung Device + Apple Sticker
So basically the federal government is to blame here on some level. They are being slow, inefficient and unresponsive.
The whole point of 4G/LTE is to have faster service so if they are going to claim 4G/LTE then it had better be speeds based on that otherwise they could be in for more legal trouble related to 4G/LTE speeds not working as advertised....particularly for people who are paying by the GIG. In reality this is the biggest consumer give away ever. AT&T is just finding ways to screw it up. Whoever is running that company is messing up big time and Verizon is going to eat AT&T's...
The problem is someone has already won their case with AT&T arguing the same point you are.
Which is the better display Retina or Super AMOLED?
If I'm paying for each GB of data then I shouldn't be throttled.
So basically iPad = Samsung Device + Apple Sticker
Is this not sad when all I can say is how much and when for a release of a smaller iPad?
I hope I get mine tomorrow. It's not that far away. It's in PA.
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