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I have the DRBT50s from sony! they have great sound and are blue tooth
It's almost here!!!
Those dumb people keep voting for these same old people into congress. Congress needs some fresh young blood in there. Seriously.
Please this is a witch hunt at best. Apple has been doing all it can to protect users. How many meetings do these people need? It's not like they haven't had numerous meetings around the same subjects before. They are just grandstanding the issue more than actually getting some real work done.This is a complete distraction from more important issues education, infrastructure and health care.
I fluctuate between Safari and Chrome but mostly end up using Safari because it "feels/Is" faster to me. Safari is the #1 browser where I work but Chrome and FF aren't far behind each with about 17% a piece.
Listen I'm all for multi-tasking but this is ridiculous. They don't even meet very often and when they do they are BS-ing around on this stuff instead of working on much bigger problems. Maybe if they focused on our education infrastructure and health care... they wouldn't have a 9% approval rating.
With the prices the way they are now only the big players can get in on the action.
The difference is apple is actively trying to make the quality of the video better and has been making improvements.
huh?! what do you mean? The guy was pointing out other more important issues that are far more deserving their attention far more than this is.
Two issues to resolve...AdsDRM
New Posts  All Forums: