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I think you won't be empty handed for a month. You will have one within two weeks if you keep going to the store. See if you can get on the waiting list for the store. I agree they should've limited it to one per person to limit the scalping.
I don't think there is the conspiracy theory everyone says. Many companies admittedly didn't think there would be the demand there was. So they didn't order what they should have to mee the demand!
Good article as others were saying. Very good read indeed.
Here everyone wanted AT&T's Ipad. Verizon's Ipad was the last to go today. I was told that every store and reseller in NYC was cleaned out. I don't think Apple deliberately under shipped. I think in many cases resellers underestimated how likely their own customers would be willing to buy an Ipad. Ipad is more popular than the last one but not only that it's sexier.
Wow! That's funny. Why didn't they just tell people they only got two in? They staff at 5th street apple store they are selling them as fast as apple can make them.
Yep. I was there. It went down 10th around to 24th street. It was insane! I was #17! they told me there was over a thousand people waiting. They were in line again today. I say get there when they open and u will have one.
Waste? I don't waste my time at all. How do you know what people are doing on other days when there isn't an Ipad launch? Get off your high horse. People should be doing something good because it's the right thing to do and do not to throw it up in other people's faces making judgements about how others spend their time. I'd rather you spend your time not helping out the community if it means you are going to be passing judgement on how others spend their time.
Lines at the 14th street store again today. I believe they closed at 9 or 10 last night and they still had Ipads left over. People were begging for the AT&T 3g models.
People can care about Japan and buy Ipad at the same time. Did I miss something here?
In terms of how instantly impressive and sexy this hardware really is. People take one look at it and they are sold....even those who said they didn't need one are like "yeeeeeah..... I'm going to have to pick that up. It's really all I need".
New Posts  All Forums: