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What I will say is that newspapers in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
When you work for a company you are invested In the company and one should benefit from that.
If only you all knew.....bites tongue...
I like the e-wallet support. 
I'm just not in the market for anything Microsoft right now. I'd rather they stick to office software which is the only thing they are still good at making. 
I was hoping for a cellular option just like my iPad.
The pictures don't render at all in iPad.
What makes you guys so sure they are giving you the finger? For all we know they could be lumping these updates with the release of the Apple TV that's coming down the pipelines. It's best to just be patient and see. Are people really clam morning to spend another 8k in just three years time on a desktop? Really?
Debating between this and an updated 13" MBA. Retina display is the only thing I would want from the new MBP in my MBA. I buy a new computer every 2 years anyway. So... may just get an 11" or 13" MBA. 
I get it. It's completely ridiculous just like the people trying to find this story.
New Posts  All Forums: