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Ummm Ipads can print just fine thank you and without an app.
I send texts while I chat all of the time.
It does look promising.
I work with a ton of devs every day and most of us went out and bought 11" MBA's right away. I think only one person I saw at work with a 13" MBA.
Take some of your free content out of the Itunes folder and put it in a different folder and match that way.
Summary: It's a good product for $199. Price matters because the price is the selling point. Apple is selling the whole experience.
It's similar to people who don't know what they are buying or in this instance comparing.
Actually you don't have to use Apple's marketplace. You can go on safari and download what you want directly to your iDevice.
You are probably right but Apple's terms probably scared them. Amazon doesn't want to be reliant on Apple for business so it released it's own hardware.
I disagree. This is a tablet competitor just like iPhone was for blackberry even though Apple said it wasn't targeting the BB market. It's the same scenario but the Amazon Kindle isn't as good as the iPad. Where as the iPhone was the best game in town when it arrived.
New Posts  All Forums: