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Think of how many people would never have even purchased Ipads had it not been for Amazon and Netflix and Hulu...
The problem in the case of Amazon or Sony is people are there for Amazon or Sony not necessarily for Apple.
Apple needs to not be in the habit of one changing the rules for developers of apps for it's iOS devices. Instability is bad for business. Also, this move is ridiculous why should I be paying apple for something they didn't earn. Amazon stores all my files and works out deals with publishers etc... I paid Apple for my Ipad already. Having an Amazon app in the App Store is the cost of doing business in the case of publishers. This move is bad and Apple will reverse it's...
Well said ALMOST. There are some flaws here. Apple isn't asking for every penny of someone's revenue. Gross Revenue is Cost+Profit and what you said would only be true if you were talking in terms of gross income or gross profit.
Apple Triggering Anti-Trust Law
I bought Ipad because I saw it had a Kindle app and I knew I wouldn't have to choose between Amazon and Apple. I'd complain if I were Amazon. People buy Amazon books because it's Amazon...not because of anything apple did. Amazon has as much recognition as Apple. Apple needs to only charge 2% for being the facilitator of a purchase like others have already said.
As an Apple fan it certainly makes me think twice about getting an Ipad 2.
Hmmm.... I have been thinking. This is bad for people like AMAZON. Now Amazon is either going to charge 30% more for books which is unacceptable or just stop supporting its Kindle app. I don't like Apple's attempt to grift.
That's a good point. I work for a magazine/newspaper but I am somewhat skeptical. Your point really warms me to this idea which I was initially cold on. So publishers can set the price 30% higher. I don't see a problem with that at Itunes type prices.
I disagree with apple's move there. I think it's bad for the consumer. a 30% cut for a credit card payment. I know they have to maintain their app store but the app store already gets a 30% cut. Why should it get a 30% cut for running a payment through too? I wonder how amazon feels about this. Maybe they can shed some light.
New Posts  All Forums: