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Sorry if this has already been suggested, but why doesn't Apple just buy them?
In other words, don't upgrade iOS or any mobile device until iOS 8
If its not because of storage, then why do you think it's DOA?
It should be noted that AppleInsider cannot vouch for the veracity of the sources' claims and offers the following information for purposes of discussion only. You should post this same disclosure in all your other rumor articles.
@AlexN, where have you been? Apple has always had a huge instock deficit to orders...and this is what Wall Street and several people on here have complained about, thus one major reason for the stock plunge. The supply chain sucks, the way the merchandise is presented, and with quality of new products diminishing for the reasons explained in my last post, the stock will continue to fall, along with investor confidence. You cannot introduce new, state of the art products,...
The guy who wrote this is one of those people who would literally die for Apple. He should look into journalist work in countries that are run by the state, like North Korea, Iran, et al. That way he won't have to post these embarrassing updates that make him look like the uninformed, prejudice ass that he consistently comes off as. There's a huge difference between 35% & 20%. That's not just misreporting, it's letting your own propaganda agenda and brainwashed way of...
Non retina = piece of cheap shit
What else is new?
The article states traffic is not available in the google maps browser mode. That's very incorrect. Click on the upper right icon (upside down triangle), click on layers, then traffic. Traffic is then displayed. So far my only complaint about Maps is how they display the traffic. It needs a better interface to display bad traffic. Displaying road construction and accidents is awesome, though. For now, I'll stick with Google's web browser map
New Posts  All Forums: