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The traffic on the new Apple Maps App sucks. That's about my only complaint.
Target still has preorders available for pickup on the 21st.
The new iPhone doesn't seem worth the early upgrade, based on all the rumours and speculation, so I'll keep my 4S and avoid a potential 'shortage'.
I love how you showcase analyst comments that are grossly pro apple but bash or not post the not so favorable articles.
Cook knows best how to run Apple. Jobs knew it too. You supported Jobs, you should support Cook too, and quit scrutinizing his decisions.
No one on here knows if he donated money or not. If he did give anonymously, then he didn't want people to know he gave the money away, so everyone should just assume he gave nothing, just as he seemingly wanted. Next topic.
Who cares??? Move on already AI.
I won't have to because you would have already died for Apple.
I really like Apple products, but why does this article always come to mind when reading comments on this site? http://articles.cnn.com/2011-05-19/t...ins?_s=PM:TECH
It's honestly sad you're not seeing the big picture. And I really think Tim Cook would be disappointed in your take on this. When one starts establishing oneself, they pay themselves first, once one's well established, one helps others establish themselves. Once Apple takes that on, I'm sure you will too.
New Posts  All Forums: