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Ok, so Steve Jobs created $340 billion of value for Apple, its investors, consumers, and fans (note I left out communities). So when he dies would you rather he take it to his grave since it's 'his' money?
I don't know what Bill Gates does with his charter schools, and frankly this is the first I've heard of this initiative of his, but at least he's trying to do good with his money. I'm no MS fan, but I'm sure there is more to the story as the educational system in this country is f&cked. And I gotta say, I LOL'd by your 'Apple does *some* philanthropy..." I'd love to see *some* quantified.
Ok, so saying Apple giving back to the community by means of them selling their products to schools is philanthropy? Give me a break. They BUY them because they are good products. That's it. Also, look it up, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett donate billions while they are still alive to organizations they feel need them...and are donating a HUGE percentage of their wealth once they're dead. Apple is purely sub-mediocre, and that's being liberal. Corporations or...
Apple is acting like money is everything by not being a community leader; you can still be hugely successful while still being a major player in the philanthropy arena. And I promise you, Steve Jobs is now realizing money isn't everything.
Serious? The communities both you, I, and everyone else on this blog site belong to. Schools, rec centers, volunteer events, natural disaster reliefs, etc etc etc.
But yet they refuse to pay out a dividend...with almost a hundred billion dollars in the bank. Apple has realized they no longer need those who invest in them because of their cash stockpile. Very sad. Never forget those who helped fund you when things were just ok. If you're gonna hoard your money, at least give more back to the community. Do I dare mention Target gves more money back to the community and they are no where near Apple's worth? You're already number 1...
Slash? Really? A 15% discount (16GB) or a 10% discount (32 GB) doesn't exactly deserve such a dramatic term.
All you fanboys are totally missing the boat. Apple doesn't strive to be the biggest, they strive to build their brand as a fantasy luxury. If they cared about numbers, they would have made an iPhone for every US carrier from Day 1. Instead they thrive and somehow get off on being 'exclusive'...supply and demand people. Several available US carriers, 1 iPhone carrier (until recently, of course). It's a double edge sword and Apple is willing to drive their...
Went to Radio Shack yesterday to buy my mom an iPhone 4 and was told I had to buy an accessory in order to receive the $149 price. After much back and forth with the corrupt salesperson, the manager 'authorized' the sale w/o an accessory. I got the iPhone, Radio Shack got their revenue, but they have lost my business for good.
Dude, I swear on my life and you have your God-given right to not believe me, but you are 100% wrong.
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