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here is a link for logo http://www.buzzmuseum.com/2011/10/ne...ace-in-shadow/
Hi all looking for a large size photo of the apple logo with Steve JObs face in it, thanks in advance, would like to make a desktop background with it.
Hi all when I turn on the ipod and the lock screen comes up just next to the slider is photo icon is there a way to turn that off, I looked every where in settings, Thansk in advance Bill
I had a bumper case from the start and had dropped calls with the case but I really think something else is doing it like checking for email or something to that effect.!!
I had a very odd thing happen today of calls being dropped but every time it happen there was a double ding just before it happened, has anyone else hear a double ding before it happened? I was wondering if I was getting a email or message but there was no messages at all.
HI all quick question is there a way to zoom in and out on the movie camera, on the camera side it a little slide bar but nothing on the movie side? Thanks
I figured it out, being new to iphone did not realize that once the phone sees it you have to click on it to pair with the jawbone, thanks again
Hi all trying to set up bluetooth but no luck with the jawbone prime, it sees it but wont pair up and ideas, Thanks in advance
All these companies try to get out product and never plan right it happens with every new "TOY" I wonder how many severs apple has t take a load like this. I always wonder why they only stay with one carrier, just imagine if all carries let iphone on there system I just wish I bought apple stock about a month ago it just keeps going up and up.
New Posts  All Forums: