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Wow, apple website saying no option for discounted upgrade on my grandfathered unlimited subsidized plan. Only options was full price or NEXT. Had to order through ATT website! Anyone else get this? 
I miss the summer release of iPhone 😑
Yea thats exactly what it is going to look like, same company (and same music) for the iphone 5 , four months before it came out.
"I'm sorry, we will try to copy Apple in every market and fail miserably." -Steve Ballmer
I'm starting a class action lawsuit demanding for OveGloves to be bundled with the new iPad
will i be able to hear the difference in my apple headphones? or do i need a $7000 stereo system to hear it?
i got excited when i saw textbooks for $15 or less... then got mad when they are only for K-12... There needs to be something done about college textbooks.. $200+ for some college textbooks is a global scam.. i had a professor who WROTE a textbook himself... sold through one of the big companies for $127 and he got only $2-3 for every textbook sold..... WHERE IS THE $$ GOING?
bad move for apple
Steve Jobs, "Well that wraps it up for Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5, but, there one more thing."
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