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I miss the summer release of iPhone 😑
Yea thats exactly what it is going to look like, same company (and same music) for the iphone 5 , four months before it came out.
"I'm sorry, we will try to copy Apple in every market and fail miserably." -Steve Ballmer
I'm starting a class action lawsuit demanding for OveGloves to be bundled with the new iPad
will i be able to hear the difference in my apple headphones? or do i need a $7000 stereo system to hear it?
i got excited when i saw textbooks for $15 or less... then got mad when they are only for K-12... There needs to be something done about college textbooks.. $200+ for some college textbooks is a global scam.. i had a professor who WROTE a textbook himself... sold through one of the big companies for $127 and he got only $2-3 for every textbook sold..... WHERE IS THE $$ GOING?
bad move for apple
Steve Jobs, "Well that wraps it up for Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5, but, there one more thing."
Does anyone care about conan and his hair anymore?
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