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Conscientious objection is unrelated to sexual identification. Introducing this into the discussion does not help your case. If the evidential trend continues, variations in sexual indication and preference will be shown by science to be as natural as variations in skin, eye and hair color. There exist many people born with ambiguous outer genitalia, and neither XY nor XX chromosomal arrangement, showing that Nature's relentless experimentation through evolution doesn't...
Apple's A8 delivers greater bang for Apple's buck than Intel processors, as they don't have to pay Intel's margins (which indirectly support Apple's competition). iOS is also Apple's most shipped OS, and the Apple TV business and usage models are much more like that of iOS devices than Macs. It makes no sense to me for Apple to use Intel processors in anything that absolutely doesn't require it. The Mac is the only product for which that's (currently) true, as Windows...
Geo-synchronous satellites orbit more than 22,000 miles out. Any message sent via that route traverses more than 44,000 miles. A fiber connection between Apple's most geographically disparate data centers would be no more than 10,000 miles long, and far less expensive than a satellite. Without knowing more about Boeing's technology, it's difficult to say what use Apple might make of it. Motorola's failed Iridium project promised seamless global mobile communications....
"Teardown of Apple's new 13" MacBook Pro reveals 'Force Touch' trackpad, shared tech with new MacBook Air"   How do you reveal something that's public knowledge? Apple's own videos show more than this teardown.
 Nope.The new MacBook is 0.52" thick.The MacBook Airs (both sizes) are 0.68".
Force touch doesn't require any more flexibility than the existing iPhone LCD has. There is no need for OLED.
It's a stretch to conflate "Human Factors Anthropometry" and "Advanced Medical Research". If they're really the same, then I'm doing advanced medical research every morning when I step on the bathroom scale and sigh. It makes perfect sense that, as Apple devices get more intimate, Apple has a better understanding of the ergonomics. If we are on the cusp of something new here, it's the potential widespread adoption of simple devices to monitor things we've been able to...
The iPod Classic comparison at the end of the article doesn't make sense. A Pono player with 128GB of Flash can't hold nearly as much music (in its preferred uncompressed format) as an entry level iPod Touch (16GB).
I imagine he's got the Bose Mini connected to the audio out of the Samsung TV, not directly to the Apple TV. That's how we use our sound bars.
Wouldn't it be prudent to criticize a move after you know if one has been made and what it is?
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