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The iPod Classic comparison at the end of the article doesn't make sense. A Pono player with 128GB of Flash can't hold nearly as much music (in its preferred uncompressed format) as an entry level iPod Touch (16GB).
I imagine he's got the Bose Mini connected to the audio out of the Samsung TV, not directly to the Apple TV. That's how we use our sound bars.
Wouldn't it be prudent to criticize a move after you know if one has been made and what it is?
With Snowden claiming Apple devices have NSA back doors...       https://bgr.com/2015/01/20/iphone-spyware-edward-snowden/   ...allowing the Chinese to examine them and proclaim otherwise provides a credible rebuttal.
An Apple iTouch sensor in a laptop need be no more vulnerable than in an iPhone. A jailbroken iOS device isn't much difference than a hacked Mac OS device.
Your solution depends on air resistance. A phone dropped from your pocket or a table top would hit the floor in half a second at less than 10mph. That's too soon and too slow for aerodynamics to have any effect on an object as dense as an iPhone. Try flicking a badminton shuttlecock off a table as a first test of your theory.
Tim Cook expects undivided attention when appropriate. He's also extended Apple's Thanksgiving break for the last several years. I think its reasonable to assume that his understanding of what's best for Apple is different from yours. Your presumption that he's not focused is yours, and it's based on a dearth of knowledge of Apple's situation. It's not fair for you to demand that Tim ignore his experience to share your ignorance.
Consider the possibility that you think these things are distractions because your experiences, knowledge and capabilities are not those of Mr. Cook.
Tim Cook's success is not proof that sexual orientation doesn't matter. Steve Jobs' success is not proof that college doesn't matter. Barack Obama's success is not proof that color doesn't matter. Helen Keller's success is not proof that sight and hearing do not matter. You're intelligent enough to understand this, if you wish.
The best solution depends on the individual, but in general, tilting the keyboard up at the back increases stress on the carpal tunnel. So one might expect this product to cause or exacerbate that condition. Splitting the keyboard and raising the center at the G-H split brings the hand's pronation more into alignment with the rest position. That's clearly not an option for a laptop, but flat layout of laptop keys is better than most desktop keyboards, which tilt the wrong...
New Posts  All Forums: