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Yesterday, we received three iPhones and all of them have surface finish flaws. Two of the phones have blemishes in the anodize near one of the antenna gaps. Analysis under a microscope reveals that the surface texture is intact, and that the anodize fades from black to clear, indicating a problem during the anodizing process. Two of the phones have scratches in the surface that penetrate the anodize, revealing the underlying raw aluminum and one of the phones has a...
There are eight pads on the connector. The connector body is ground, for a total of 9 connections. Power must be routed through at least one of the signal connections, so during charging, there may be less than eight "signals". As mentioned during the keynote, the Lightning interface is adaptive, so what's carried on each pin (power, USB, audio, etc) will depend on the situation.
Whatever interface this new connector supports now, it will be capable of supporting other interfaces in the future. The circuitry inside iOS devices is capable of recognizing and reconfiguring as needed, just as the iPod Shuffle headphone connector automatically switches between analog headphone signals and digital USB signals. So we might see USB 2.0 (or maybe 3.0) now and Thunderbolt in the future. As stated elsewhere, the interface is not currently the bottleneck,...
Current safety standards allow presentation of up to 42V on exposed contacts. This is approximately the detection threshold for dry skin. Nine volt batteries with exposed contacts are in routine use around the world. Their greatest danger to children is as a choking hazard. All usb ports and adapters are voltage and power limited, as required by safety regulations. The potential for "major problems" is quite low.   If the leaked images of the iPhone5 are accurate, it will...
Friction and heat have no effect. It's entirely about the thickness of the material separating the conductive surface (your skin) from the touch panel, and the dielectric constant of that material. If heat were involved, how would any human operate an iPhone that's at finger temperature?
Wrong. Capacitive areas do indeed work through cloth and other insulating materials, such as the protective plastic sheets placed over touch screens. The reason they don't work with a fingernail is that you must tip your finger up and away from the surface to use your nail, so the flesh of your fingertip is much farther away from the glass surface than if it were pressed up hard against your fanny through the lining of your pocket. This is why swipe to unlock was...
If Samsung loses the suit and pays the $2.5Billion, it must still stop infringing the patents or take a license. There will be a continuing cost for Samsung going forward, either in loss of revenue from reduced functionality of their products, or license fees.
If the home button were touch sensitive (like the display), putting it in your pocket, facing your skin, would activate it. It's a recessed mechanical button for precisely that reason.
"Apple is planning on holding a special event next week on Sept. 12."   Sept 12 doesn't happen until well into September. Next week would reach no further than Aug 4th.
The previously shown (suspected fake or knockoff) iPhone back would have required drawings to be made. Showing such drawings doesn't add much to the story.
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