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The previously shown (suspected fake or knockoff) iPhone back would have required drawings to be made. Showing such drawings doesn't add much to the story.
These two Malkovich ads are the first in a very long time that I simply don't like. Show what the product can do, don't praise it. That makes the product seem weak.
Not all, just as not all iPads have Retina displays.
10K must be a typo. No headquarters worthy of mention would be that small. Bill Gates' house is five times that size.
    Thank goodness if that means they're becoming more relevant to people who really care about people and their future.
    Well, if we're to believe that 20% of Macs are running windows, and 20% of Macs are infected with Windows viruses, then 100% of Mac Windows installations are infected. That simply doesn't sound right.
Good grief, look at gross margin, up 6% Y/Y to 47.6%.
Is it that 20% of all Macs are infected (implying that more than 20% of all Macs run Windows) or just that 20% of the unspecified number of Macs running Windows are infected?
Unfortunately this is wrong. Perfectly elastic collisions release NO heat. The durability of a material has nothing to do with its elasticity. Tungsten carbide is much more elastic than steel, yet shatters on sufficient impact. Mar resistance is dependent on many things, including surface hardness, texture and substrate resiliency. This explains why silane coatings on polycarbonate (think scratch resistant eyewear) are more mar resistant than the highly polished stainless...
The speed with which a thing becomes ubiquitous has no effect on trademark retention. As you note, it's up to the holder to be diligent. So why is there this sudden presumption that Apple will somehow let iPad slip away, but not iPod? I suggest it's the result of fuzzy thinking on the part of one person, followed by thoughtless parroting by people wishing to appear... thoughtful.
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