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This is completely incorrect. There is NO way for a firmware failure to cause the kinds of hazards claimed here or by Mr. Miller. The agency certifications carried by Apple products (UL/CSA/IEC) require that those products be designed and tested to the applicable safety standards. In the case of a LiPo battery pack, the charging circuits must not cause undo stress to the batteries even in the presence of a single point fault. The cells themselves must be certified against...
Margins on fuel are razor thin. How much gas must you purchase to put $200 profit in Exxon's wallet? I think Apple's latest quarterly profit exceeded Exxon's. Apple still hasn't cracked the living room and they're working to insert themselves in the Credit/Debit payment processing chain ($13T in card purchases last year) with NFC enabled iOS devices. I think there's a bit of room yet to run.
Until the necessary infrastructure and licensing agreements are in place, what can you do with NFC? I know some Google phones have it, but is anybody using it? I think the inclusion of NFC in the phone is the last piece of a big puzzle.
As Apple has filed a patent infringement suit, that means Apple has a patent. That Apple has a patent means the patent office did not think the "look and feel" in question to be too general. That said, I'm sure this argument will be brought up by Samsung's counsel.
Did it ever occur to you that iPhone can already be tracked accurately via GPS? The NFC reader technology here allows the phone to read other nearby objects, and to communicate with something like a cash register using a very close proximity link. There is nothing in this technology that takes away any more privacy than you've already lost by using a cell phone.
It's easy for a competitor to dispute Apple's claims with their own tests. And Apple would be in violation of SEC regulations if it didn't tell the truth. But conspiracy theorists will believe what they will believe.
I imagine China's Founder is long dead. Maybe a living descendant?
Classic web advertising hit statistics will skew increasingly away from iOS. Recall that Steve Jobs said iOS users don't use search, they use apps. Those apps extract information from the web while bypassing ads. So iOS users become increasingly invisible to AdMob/Google. Don't for a moment confuse that with not being there. This is Google's nightmare, targeted iOS apps that get people the information that they want without generating a penny of ad revenue for them....
New Posts  All Forums: