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Just as the iPad2 was an incremental improvement to the iPad and is doing reasonably well.
There's been a lot of case imagery floating around, some of it convincing enough for me to think the cases are real, and plentiful. This is not to say that they'll fit anything Apple will introduce, but it appears significant money has been spent to make cases for something which is clearly not an iPhone 4S.
The parachute applies if Jha is ousted. If they keep him as head of MMI, the parachute does not deploy. It would be a conflict of interest for Jha to negotiate a sale that results in a personal windfall.
In a way, Thunderbolt is more backwards compatible than USB3.0, as it floats an entire PCIE channel over the wire. Virtually every peripheral that can be put on the motherboard can now be put on the far end of a Thunderbolt link, including a set of USB3.0 ports.
Apple contributed $2.6 Billion to the Nortel patent purchase. I think that's more than half a billion ;-)
My wife claims that would be me.
Getting tax breaks by purchasing operations that lose money is a curious business model.
If you weren't mislead, why do you think the judge would be?
I've been wondering this too. One of the claimed benefits of the Liquid Metal technology was the ability to injection mold it to final tolerance, complete with an attractive surface finish. Apple has an exclusive license on this technology in the CE space. If it works and works well, it would be yet another distinguishing characteristic of Apple products that's hard to copy.
I routinely listen to my iPod while it's docked, which would be impossible in this scheme. At first glance, this does appear to be nonsense. Perhaps the main claims for this invention (induction via the headphone cables) are a smoke screen for something else in the patent. A careful reading of the patent might reveal what it's really getting at.
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