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Ahh… now you mention it, yes, I was. So actually the pie is a completely innaccurate representation of how the cost divides up.I will try and find some figures for Apple's net profit per Nano. But if JeffDM's 10% estimate is right then I guess $10 out of $20 dollars is actually quite a generous donation.Andrew
I admit I'm not especially great on economics and business, but according to iSuppli the original Nano cost around $92 in parts and labour, and the new Nano costs around $72 in parts and labour, buying direct from Apple the cost of distribution can't be that significant. I checked around the internet and iSuppli seem to be a trusted source, but my business knowledge may be pretty flawed. If $10 really is 50% of Apple's profit on a Nano then I'll let them off and apologise...
Although this (product)RED thing is possibly a step in the right direction. I can't help thinking that every company involved is doing it just to absolve themselves in the eyes of the consumer. Or worse, just as a marketing ploy - rather than for any moral reasons. It seems fairly tokenistic. True, the overall donation from Apple may well amount to something quite significant, but I'm sure they could more than easily afford to give more than a bit of a pathetic...
I have no problems whatsoever with Screen Spanning Doctor on my iBook. Do you think there will be a version for Intel Macs with integrated graphics? What exactly is wrong with integrated graphics, it sounds like a sensible idea to me provided you have lots of RAM. Andrew
Where I am, comprehensive Insurance for an iBook is only about £35.00 a year. That seems pretty good value for a £640 piece of kit, I'm sure it can't be that much more for a MacBook Pro. That combined with backing up all your stuff always gives you something to fall back on. Andrew
I would definitely try eBay – people will pay surprisingly high prices for second hand gear - especially if you put a Buy It Now price. I recently sold a 2004 iBook two generations old for £500.00 that's only about £150.00 less than a brand new one. Andrew
www.freecycle.org Someone will have it - either to fix or probably use in a work of art or as a prop. Or maybe you could sell / donate it to IKEA for a display. (I'm only about 25% joking). Andrew
You can add this feature to the Finder with Automator. I would upload a workflow but my site is down. Just string together "Get Selected Finder Items" then "Move Finder Items" (Show Action When Run). Then save as a Finder Plug-In. Andrew
It only takes one person to put a song on a File Sharing network and illegally distribute it to the whole world for free, I think the majority of people download from iTMS to be fair and legal rather than for ease-of-use. So I think even if all iTMS media was unencrypted it would make very little difference to piracy rates. Musicians barely make any money from record sales, it all comes from royalties and performances. Apparently Apple only just break even running iTMS....
I have created a new "Live" user account for live performances / presentation with all unneccesary Mac OS X Tiger features disabled. I have moved the Dock from "CoreService" to "Applications" so I can quit it without it relaunching. I have also added a Quit option to the Finder, but when I quit it, it relaunches straight away, with or without other apps open. This does not happen in my normal user account, it stays Quit until I relaunch it. Why is the Finder...
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