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If you can't debate the FACT, then insult the messenger .... nice work!
Nice catch.
You obviously don't have a iPhone, and if that's the case; might I suggest that you are a brain-dead fanboi. When you have a dog in the fight, then your opinion isn't a waste of bandwidth. I have a iPhone, and I can't use it while I'm at work. I've had it since the day it was released, and left Verizon (that had fantastic coverage) because I assumed Apple knew what it was doing - especially since this is the 4th generation device. If you would trouble yourself to READ...
It's deja-vu all over again
I guess being a genius has it's drawbacks. When you make a non-conductive finish, the out-going test would be a resistance measurement step prior to going into final assembly. You NEVER ever (EVER!) allow something like a human's 'opinion' ("Gee, it looks like it had that step taken") bypass a test. No, you scan the Serial Number and measure the resistance on a go/nogo basis. Measure resistance, if less than 100K ohms = fail. That way, you now only KNOW that the bezels...
I opted to keep my phone number, and simply port it over. When you are married with grandkids - it's far wiser to port your number rather than send a flurry of emails out (that never get read) and then have the kids wonder why they can't get ahold of you. When you port; you have no option to 'try out' the iPhone - you switch and within minutes, the old phone is dead.
How did this manufacturing defect make it out the door? Final test should have caught this. In fact, a reasonable manufacturing process would have caught this immediately. When you mass produce anything, you have periodic checks within each lot; and manditory inspections at the beginning of each lot. Obviously, this didn't happen.
Apple's Iphone G4 suggests marketing wins over quality (http://www.glgroup.com/News/Apples-I...ity-49158.html) Jobs accuses Gizmodo of extortion over iPhone G4 (http://www.thinq.co.uk/2010/6/3/jobs...ver-iphone-g4/) I didn't make the G4 title up ... simply repeating what is in the press.
I can have between 2 and 5 bars on my phone when it's on my desk; as soon as I pick it up to answer a call (or make one), the bars drop to No Service within about 10 seconds. I now have the iFrogz case on it; it's much more consistent. Now, with the case, my issue is poor AT&T coverage in my work area. However, this does not remove Apple from having a design defect. As I have stated previously, I'm an engineer and have worked R&D for 20+ yrs. This was a Freshman...
As I see it, the lawsuit grows exponentially. First off, the number of customers impacted by an upcoming (potential) re-call grows with every sale. Secondly, and most importantly is the penalty phase. If Apple was made aware of a problem, yet persisted in selling products known to be defective - the penalty could be much higher than the cost of fixing the origional component.
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